Escort Passport 8500 X50 Vs 9500ix

Escort is undoubtedly a big name in the ‘radar detection world’ and the Passport 8500 x50 as well as the 9500ix are two of their most popular detectors. In general, both brands have a class of their but for what it is worth, the 8500 x50 was manufactured earlier so has some catching up to do in terms of modern technology if you arraign the Escort Passport 8500 x50 vs 9500ix.


As mentioned already, the 8500 x50 has been around for a while and in fact when it was first released in 2011, it was one of the strongest contenders on the market mainly because it boasts of features such as the POP mode detection, traffic sensor rejection software (TSR) and the V-tuned receivers until the 9500ix was released in 2013. Like most radar detectors these days, these features that made the 8500 x50 a hot cake are the very basics for the 9500ix as it steps forward with some exceptionally breathtaking features that gives it an upper hand.

Although the 8500 x50 still has a name on the market because of its quality and reliability in terms of range and accuracy, it further falls short to the 9500ix because it has no voice alerts, speed alerts, false alert filters, speed camera alerts, safety warning alerts and red-light camera alights– features the latter gladly boasts of and more. The 9500ix will also give you greater accuracy over the 8500 x50 because it seldom records false alerts. Then it has versatility because it has the ability to detect X-band, K-band, and Ka-band simultaneously. It can also detect radar gun using not just POP but also instant-ons as well. It further gives you GPS and bluetooth which in themselves also opens an array of features such as more detailed displays and the ability to connect a smartphone to the Escort Live app to access a community of users giving live reports on potential threats respectively. (See also: Whistler CR90 Vs Escort 8500)

- Blistering All-Band Protection
- 360-Degree Radar and Laser Detection
- Advanced Digital Signal Processing
- AutoSensitivity Mode Automatically Reduces False Alarms
- EZ-Programming Allows Instant Customization
- Crystal-clear voice alerts and high resolution display
- Variable speed radar performance
- AutoLearn intelligence and user-selectable preferences
- Safety warning system and brightness controls
- Comes fully equiped with a Comprehensive owner's manual, quick-release windshield mount, coiled SmartCord, quick reference card

Escort Passport 8500 X50 Vs 9500ix
Looking at the Escort Passport 8500 x50 vs 9500ix, the former gives you simplicity, accuracy and great range for $299.95 whiles the 9500ix gives you above all these, most of the current trendy modern features such as speed-camera locations and red-light camera all for $349.99. The 8500 x50 is one of the most affordable but the 9500ix certainly has a place among the best today.


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