Beltronics Pro 500 Review : Radar Detector With GPS

The Beltronics Pro 500 review a unique product in the market. It is made with peculiar components which makes it totally different from other products that are made of polycarbonate materials. The rubber-like material used gives the outer case of this radar detector a soft-touch feel. This material prevents a reflective image on the wind screen during the day time, which is common with other products. All these accords the radar detector look better than any other hardware, it gives it a very classy look.

Beltronics Pro 500

This the radar detector is equipped with a high performing GPS which eliminates largely a number of false alarms that could be picked up randomly along the highway. In addition, it has a threat display mode. This feature allows the device to keep track of several signals at the same time, and all the signals detected will also be caution the driver loudly of the upcoming perils of numerous signals, giving the driver an opportunity to take the necessary steps and avoid detection. The GPS feature also notifies the driver that the vehicle is moving on top speed, this helps limit the chances of false alarms that could distract the driver by storing signals. By tapping the mute button thrice when a false signal is raised at a location, the device saves the location for false alarms. Therefore the next time you drive through that location the radar detector will not notify you of an upcoming threat. This slowly removes false alarms that trigger the device when driving through stores with automatic doors.

Another novel feature of this device is its ability to regulate speed sensitivity depending on the traffic movement by increasing and reducing its speed sensitivity as the need arises. In addition, Pro 500 was designed to be compatible with Escort app products, however, a smart cord is required to use this feature. It has the Bluetooth function to connect the device with your android phones or devices. This also allows drivers within the same vicinity to share threats which they have detected. There is also available a Bluetooth transmitter which can be used to connect to a headset on the helmet for motorcyclist, and motorist can use an earphone with the audio jack.

- X-band: 10.525 GHz ± 25 MHz / K-band: 24.150 GHz ± 100 MHz - Laser: 904nm, 33MHz bandwidth - SiRFstar III GPS Receiver - Power Requirement: 12VDC, Negative Ground - Sensitivity Control: Highway

The Beltronics Pro 500 is rated as one of the best detectors out there because of its ability to combine accurately radar detection and GPS signals. Signals within the highways and the inner cities can be picked by the device. The radar technology on this device was designed to incorporate the three different radar bands. It has the ability to detect both laser and radar signal. The LED display is so clear and easy to read for almost all angles. Although, the cost is a little on the high side it provides value for money. The unique features provided to drivers for a comfortable and peaceful drive should not deter anyone who can reasonable afford this product to purchase it. This product is available for purchase both online and offline.


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