Beltronics PRO200 Review : Laser Detector

Radar detectors are used by motorist to avert traffic and avoid expensive speeding ticket from law enforcement officers who monitor speeding drivers. Owning the right radar detector, like the Beltronics PRO200 can make a lot of difference to check speed limits of motorist. This detector is highly sensitive and is designed with the latest technologies particularly for detecting all radar guns by U.S officers at a supersonic speed. Rushing to work or for an appointment does have to result if a speeding ticket. With the right radar detector, you can immediately slow down before a law enforcement agent notice that you were driving about the required speed limit. Although radar detectors are illegal in some countries, they are fortunately very legal in the US for private vehicle usage in all jurisdiction and in some jurisdiction it is also legal for commercial motorists.

Beltronics PRO200 Review

Having decided to purchase a radar detector, one has to look out for what signals the detectors can pick. Enforcement officers use either a laser or radio wave radar gun to monitor vehicle speed, a detector that cannot pick both or that picks a particular frequency which is not been used by the officer will definitely run into trouble. Also, other features to consider are voice notification alerts, so that you do not get distracted looking at the detector every time it beeps with a notification. In addition, the location the device is designed to be placed in the vehicle, they can be placed on the windscreen or on the dashboard. However, some states in the U.S frown at affixing radar detector on the windscreen of a car, so if you live in such jurisdiction this is a factor to consider before buying one. Another consideration is the type of vehicle used. Most state do not accommodate radar detector for commercial vehicle, researching into this before a purchase will save you some stress.

Keeping you aware of your surrounding while driving, here are a few added advantages a good radar detector can offer. Some have been designed warn users that they have exceeded the speed limit for the zone, and this has nothing to do with avoiding a ticket but encouraging safe driving. Technological advancement has given room for unique features, such as GPS functionality. They are also sometimes designed to warn users of a bad weather, some also can give notice of an accident ahead. This is usually possible when they are connected to the internet or have been synchronized with an android phone.

- The Pro 200 provides eight times the sensitivity of any imported radar detector - Preset at the factory, the Pro 200 is optimized for the best protection - AutoScan and TSR (traffic sensor rejection)- The Pro 200l is easy to read from any angle

A good detector can be purchased within budget easily. Although, some are highly recommended over others. The Beltronics PRO200for instance, is rated as one of the top radar detector on the market, and it is quite affordable. It has a lot of the high end specifications a motorist will need. It is equipped with an LED display, a voice alert, a signal strength meter, sensitivity bands etc. other details and more information is available on its website. Generally, radar detector should not be used to break speed limits but to encourage and practice safe driving.


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