Beltronics RX65 Vs Vector 995

Equipping yourself with a radar detector is never a bad thing – unless you are driving in a place that restricts or prohibits the use of such device; if that’s the case, use at your own risk! Other than that, having a reliable radar detector in your car when you are driving is a wise precaution. It is a nice, efficient way to make you drive more carefully and avoid getting ticketed. Now, we are going to discuss about two Beltronics’ models: Beltronics RX65 vs Vector 995.

Both Beltronics RX65 and Beltronics Vector 995 are very popular on the market. They are standing in the same price range. You can get either of them with less than a hundred and fifty bucks. So, what are the differences between RX65 and Vector 995, and which one does possess the best value for the money? Continue reading below and see the comparisons!

First of all, we are going to compare Beltronics RX65 vs Vector 995 in terms of design. Well, these two radar detectors are about the same size. They are just as big as your typical radar detector. The overall shapes are similar; they just have different colors and button layouts. If you want a less-conventional look, check the following article: Escort 8500 X50 vs Beltronics RX65!

Beltronics RX65 is coming with a silverish gray body. The buttons are black, and the display screen is black with a red alphanumeric font. On the top side of the device, you can find the logo of the product along with four buttons. There are three smaller function buttons put just above the wide Volume/Mute button. Although this is not really a big deal, you may find that the wide Volume/Mute button is a nice design touch. It is very convenient, as you won’t have to fumble to find the right button in case of a false alert.

On the other hand, Beltronics Vector 995 features a black body. The black display screen blends very well with the rest of the body, creating such a stylish look. This model also has a red alphanumeric font. Meanwhile, the top side is covered by a white sticker. Here, you can notice that the buttons have been designed differently. There are also three function buttons, but the Volume/Mute button is much smaller. The textured surface helps to allow you to reach for the button intuitively, but it would be nice if the button is made wider.

Multi-Threat Display
There is one important difference between Beltronics RX65 vs Vector 995 in terms of features. You may have heard that Beltronics RX65 is a higher model that comes with more advanced features, and that’s true. However, the significant difference would be the radar detector’s capability to detect multiple threats.

Beltronics Vector 995 is an old model. Although it works great even for today’s standards, it still lacks modern advanced features. Most importantly, it can’t show you multiple threats at once. When encountering multiple radar signals, it simply displays the strongest one. This is tricky when there are actually more than one radar guns or speed traps near you. You can’t know for sure.

On the other hand, Beltronics RX65 has been improved with the ability to detect and display multiple radar signals at once. This is a very useful feature. It can tell you not only the detected signal bands, but also the signal strength levels. So, you will know when there are more than one radar guns or speed traps near you – or if the other signal is actually a false alert.

Special Modes
Each of the two Beltronics radar detectors has all the three regular modes: City, Highway, and Autoscan. The City mode can help to reduce the number of false alerts, which is useful when you are driving through a city with lots of automatic doors around that can cause false alerts. However, both RX65 and Vector 995 are actually smart enough to distinguish most false alerts, so you probably won’t use the City mode very often.

However, Beltronics RX65 has the USA Mode, which will make the device only focus on radar frequencies used in the USA. By focusing only on particular frequencies, the device’s detection range and performance can be further improved. Beltronics Vector 995 doesn’t have the USA Mode, so it is locked in the international Ka mode and will alert all Ka signals.

Both models are equipped with Ku radar band detection. So, they are also usable and reliable for driving in Europe, where the Ku radar band is also extensively used. Keep in mind that, even though they are both said to be immune to the VG-2 radar detector detection technology, they are not immune to the newer Spectre technology. So, avoid using them in places that don’t allow their usage.

SmartPlug Power Cord
The next important difference between Beltronics RX65 vs Vector 995 is the SmartPlug power cord. The old model, Beltronics Vector 995, is coming with a regular coiled power cord that plugs into your cigarette lighter. It works, but some people may find it annoying. The cable is right there in front of your face.

On the other hand, Beltronics RX65 is coming with the SmartPlug power cord, which is designed to plug directly to the fuse box in the dash of your car. It is much more convenient, and it will make your interior less cluttered.

In terms of raw performance, Beltronics RX65 is similar to Beltronics Vector 995, which is a good thing. Both of these two radar detectors have excellent detection range and accuracy. They can detect threats from considerable distances, giving you enough time to react and slow down. However, as explained above, Beltronics RX65 features the USA Mode, which you can just activate if you are driving in the country. It will give slightly improved range and performance.

- Full X, K, SuperWide Ka, and Safety Warning System radar capability, digital "POP" radar alert, and Safety Warning System message display
- Advanced AutoScan processing and digital signal processing increase range and virtually eliminate false alerts
- Easy-to-use programming allows you to customize up to 7 options for your specific driving style
- Immune to VG-2 radar detector detection, so law enforcement cannot detect its use
- Full X, K, SuperWide Ka, Ku and laser alert plus Safety Warning System message display in an easy-to-use laser/radar detector
- New AutoScan mode intelligently reduces unwanted false alarms
- Ultra-bright 280-LED alphanumeric display
- Immune to VG-2 radar detector detection, so law enforcement cannot detect its use

Between these two models, we recommend you to choose Beltronics RX65. It is a new model with a better design and more advanced features. The multi-threat display is especially very useful. The USA Mode is also beneficial for improving further the already good detection range. And the SmartPlug power cord can make your interior less cluttered!


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