Cobbra XRS-9930 Review : Laser Detector

When we start talking about Cobra XRS-9930 review we have to say that this radar detector is very precise and easy to use even if you have not used any radar or laser detectors before. It is a digital laser or radar detector having 12 bands for high performance and equipped with the features like voice alert, Electronic compass, POP mode detection and Battery voltage display.

Cobbra XRS-9930 Review

It is a very useful device to your motor vehicle giving you the convenience of using up to 24 hrs., having colorful and extra bright digital display as well as dimmed light functioning for driving at nights. The measurements of the device are 4.88*3.01*1.44 inches and the weight of the device is only 6.74 ounces, therefore, it is very easy to carry.

This device can detect up to six radar signals along with the Europe’s most used Ku wavelength band which is also approved in the US recently. It is fully invisible to Spectre radar detectors as well as VG-2 and also gives you an alert if these signals are present in your range of this device. It also can detect 4 different signals of laser and it has the feature of LaserEye that gives you detection range of 360 degrees. It also pings you when an emergency vehicle is nearby or road is not safe ahead or you are going to drive through the surveillance area.
The extra features that might useful:In spite of these, you will also get the features an easy to program menu, voice alert service, and automatic shutdown while your ignition turns off.

- Sensitive to Ku wavelength band recently - Detects 6 Radar signals - Eliminates false alerts - Includes battery voltage display and auto shutdown when ignition is turned off

So feel free to use this laser/radar detector and you will be prepared for anything while you are driving. This device is using by the millions of customers around the globe and given the very positive review about this device. At last, we have given Cobra XRS-9930 review in the brief but this device will not disappoint you for sure.


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