Cobra ESD 7570 vs Whistler XTR-130

Nobody wants to get ticketed for speeding but we still want to drive fast to arrive at our destination quickly and if the traffic makes it possible. To avoid getting into speed trap, Cobra ESD 7570 vs Whistler XTR-130 are two nice low-entry radar detector to pick but has a good capabilities for the budget. If you are also interested in these models, go check our article below to see what they can offer and which the better option is.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a Radar Detector
– What are Cobra ESD 7570 and Whistler XTR-130
– What Cobra ESD 7570 and Whistler XTR-130 Look Like
– What Kind of Information Displayed in Cobra ESD 7570 and Whistler XTR-130
– What Cobra ESD 7570 and Whistler XTR-130 can Detect
– What Modes Available in Cobra ESD 7570 and Whistler XTR-130
– Cobra ESD 7570 vs Whistler XTR-130

Radar Detector Importance
If you have an experience of being ticketed for speeding or have been caught speeding by the law enforcement, you must wondering how to avoid the same threat in the future and mostly we all already know the answer which is a radar detector. The question is whether this device is still needed in this advanced society because we may have different thought when it comes to this helpful device; some may agree with you while some may not.

The answer is actually very simple and it seems to apply to many other devices out there for it all depends on the user. Yes there are people who will be better going with a radar detector and there are people who probably will not need it very much in the future. To keep thing simple, drivers can be categorized as three types; very conservative, average and aggressive driver. With this, it can be easier to determine whether you need a radar detector or not.

For those who never need to hurry when going to a place whether it is your work or a place to meet with friends and family, chances are you will not need a radar detector and very conservative driver who always pay attention to their speed or not fond to speed are also not going to need one for we are always in check of the limit. The rest will probably need a radar detector for the added benefit such as speed traps position.

For those who are prone to speeding and often see the chance to hit the pedal when the traffic allow, a radar detector will help you by providing information about any threat it can detect near your area so we can be prepared when passing the enforcement. Even for an average driver who doesn’t really into speeding, there are times when driving seems too smooth and we don’t pay attention much about the speed which can get us end up getting ticketed. This is not a rare events actually because modern cars are made to provide a better comfort than those who drive an older cars, moreover, when combined with a nice tire, it seems that driver can exceed the speed limit without noticing it at all.

About Cobra ESD 7570 and Whistler XTR-130
If can already distinguish what kind of driver you are, now is the time to check what the market has to offer. Radar detectors are not a cheap device because there are many of them mostly those rated with 4-5 stars priced more than a hundred bucks which makes us who recently interested in radar detector wonder if they will worth the price. What’s important is not their price but the capabilities because there are good or decent devices out there that won’t ask much from your pocket.

These good radar detectors are not the best but can work just well as long as you are not an enthusiast who need the most capable device. If you don’t have a favorite brands yet, it is good to start from popular names because what other like will have a higher chance as well to please you. Among those many brands, Cobra and Whistler are two nice option to go since many people have a nice experience with their products for both the lower and higher-end.

Cobra is one of the most popular brand for radar detector so most user must already familiar with how good they can perform with such an affordable price similar like how Whistler offers decent models marketed for new users and regular people. If you need a good model without having to dig in too deep into your pocket, ESD 7570 and XTR-130 are two nice option to choose for both have an ability to detect laser/radar.

Due to being marketed with an affordable price, we can’t ask too much from them because with those range a price, the features we get will be very standard or more similar to devices offered in the early 2000. However, in our opinion, both of them are suitable for any new user who just want to get their hand on a radar detector so we can experiment with a cheaper sacrifice. If you interested in another affordable radar from Whistler, check our previous article on: Whistler XTR 145 vs 265 here.

Cobra ESD 7570 and Whistler XTR-130 Design
Comparing them from the outside, both are looking like any other radar detector out there because they come with the same design used or pretty common. Both also covered in a black plastic material with their brands printed on top in white paint along with some function name to specify each button. They used an old LCD screen at the front but the display is still nice to the eyes and thankfully, they already use different colors to state the information.

Cobra ESD 7570 and Whistler XTR-130 Display
Moving further, since Cobra ESD 7570 and Whistler XTR-130 are very similar to each other as a standard radar detector, the kind of information we get from their display will be the same as well. These displays will show you the band detection such as X, Ka, and K as well as the intensity of the signal received and other information like the mode they are currently operating like Highway or City mode which we can access from their menu option.
Cobra ESD 7570 and Whistler XTR-130 Band Detection

In addition, what makes both models highly similar to each other is their capability to detect the radar detector detector or VG-2. This device is used by law enforcement in states where radar detector is not allowed so they will know if you install one thus, if you are living in a state where radar detector is legal to be both own and used, this function doesn’t really serve an importance. However, if you often travel, it can be a convenience function to make sure we can avoid getting into trouble for using the device.

Just like many other radar detectors out there, Cobra ESD 7570 and Whistler XTR-130 offered an additional detection which is through K band and it is the Safety Alert. As you may already know, this feature let the radar detector to distinguish safety alert from other K band and this feature is used to provide information for the drive when there is potential road hazards. Due to being very rarely used, this one is often seen as a non-crucial feature to have.

Cobra ESD 7570 and Whistler XTR-130 Detection Modes
The next feature is modes which we often see and found on other radar detector because they will ease the user when driving in different area, specified as City and Highway. Highway is mostly the basic mode when you activate the device so to access the City mode, we have to choose from the Menu or use the dedicated button like in Cobra ESD 7570 and Whistler XTR-130. Highway will maximize the detection and will inform you when they receive a signal but City is different.

City is used when driving inside an urban area because its main function is to filter that false alert from security system in a building or the automatic door opener which operated in X band so in short, its reduce the band sensitivity. What’s difference here is Whistler XTR-130 has 3 different City modes to offer while Cobra only have 1.

Default city mode in Whistler is like a combination of mute and auto mute function so the device will alert for a few seconds then goes to mute but will still display the information which is similar to the City mode is Cobra. The City 1 will act like the Highway mode that will give you all the alerts but now the sensitivity is reduced to support better filtering and the last City 2 is going to completely deactivate the X band detection.

X band is rarely used by law enforcement but there are still some cases where they used this band so if user is not completely sure about it, it is better to leave this band detection active for better protection. As for the Laser detection, even more expensive models can’t get driver to know much earlier to notice the gun so when the device warn you, mostly because we are already caught by the law enforcement.

Now, let’s compare Cobra ESD 7570 with Whistler XTR-130. As you may already know, the difference between them seem to be the City mode which is available up to 3 in Whistler compared to Cobra. Depend on the user, it can filter more false alert and let the driver set how the device notify the X band by their liking.

Cobra ESD 7570 vs Whistler XTR-130

- The Cobra ESD 7570 9- band radar/laser detector with UltraBright data display, has an ultra compact design with an improved range for high performance with refined style.
- The ESD 7570 features a digital signal strength meter to provide relative proximity to the target, city/highway selector to reduce the frequency of falsing in densely populated urban areas, LaserEye 360 degree detection, VG-2 undetectable/alert, and road hazards from system equipped with Safety Alert transmitters.
- This product is FCC Compliant.
- 360 degrees of complete perimeter protection, detecting signals from the front, sides, and rear
- Protection against all radar guns including X-band, K-band, Superwide Ka-band, and laser
- Icon display provides distinct visual symbols of alerts detected and engaged modes; Tone alerts provide audible alerts for bands received

All in all, the decision is all yours to make for they are literally build with a very similar capabilities. Some people have a nice experience with one of them and vice versa but comparing the two, if we are to choose we will recommend you to get Whistler XTR-130 because it is cheaper and a better value for your money yet still very dependable out there.


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