Cobra XRS 9370 Review : High Performance with Ku-Band Detection!

Even though there is a saying that says “You get what you pay for,” which is true to a degree, it does not mean that affordable and budget-friendly products are bad. In fact, there are some cheap products that hold such huge value. They come with excellent specs and performance, yet are priced competitively in order to win the competition on the market. This fact is also true when you are choosing for the best radar and laser gun detector. For the best performance, you should take a look at Cobra XRS 9370.


For superior specs and features, Cobra XRS 9370 can be considered as a very affordable and budget-friendly product. You can get it with a budget around a hundred bucks. It comes in a very compact but ultra-rugged construction. The device is protected by a metallic housing that is very solid and sturdy. The functions buttons are all placed on the top, while the volume control knob is on the left side of the body. The layout is convenient and easy to reach, allowing for an intuitive operation. Meanwhile, the display screen deserves two thumbs up. The display screen supports multiple colors, able to show multiple radar/laser signals simultaneously. Each signal is coded with a specific color. The signal strength is represented by the Digital Signal Strength Meter which informs you about your relative proximity to the signal source by using a five-level meter.

Thanks to the Xtreme Range Superheterodyne Technology and LaserEye, Cobra XRS 9370 boasts such an extreme detection range. It is able to detect incoming radar and laser signals from a considerably longer distance than average radar/laser gun detectors. This buys you some extra time to react safely and properly. It also has 360-degree protection, which means that it is able to detect signals coming from any direction. Always ready and on alert!

With Cobra XRS 9370, there is no need to worry about undetectable radar or laser signal. It supports all 14 radar and laser bands that are used by law enforcement units. For your information, in addition to the standard X, K, Ka, and Superwide Ka bands, Cobra XRS 9370 can also detect the new Ku radar band which has been in use in Europe. So, if the Ku band comes into usage in the United States, you will be ready. It can also detect POP radar guns, as well as six laser bands often used by police.

Furthermore, Cobra XRS 9370 can also detect detection detectors such as the VG-2 and Spectre technologies. When these threats are detected, the device will tell you. If you are using the device in an area where radar/laser gun detector use is illegal, you can ease yourself a little bit because Cobra XRS 9370 has been equipped with the IntelliMute Pro feature. The feature, once configured and set, will automatically turn the device off whenever there is a detection detector. This way, you don’t need to worry about getting caught. All in all, Cobra XRS 9370 is an affordable but very reliable device to assist your driving!

Specifications of Cobra XRS 9370
Unit Dimension
4.15” x 2.83” x 1.33” (105.5 mm H x 72 mm W x 33.8 mm D)
Unit Weight
4.72 oz. (134 g)
Clamshell Dimension
10.23” x 6.69” x 2.71” (260 mm H x 170 mm W x 69 mm H)
Clamshell Weight
10.58 oz. (300 g)
Master Pack Dimension
11.22” x 8.07” x 7.87” (285 mm H x 205 mm W x 200 mm D)
Master Pack Weight
57.06 oz. (1618 g)
Safety System: Safety Alert® System
7 Radar Signals
Spectre IV+ Radar-Detector-Detector
Spectre 1 Radar-Detector-Detector
VG-2 Radar Detector-Detector
Ku Band Radar
Ka Superwide Radar
K Band Radar
X Band Radar
6 Laser Signals
Laser Atlanta SpeedLaser / Kustom Signals-ProLaser II
Stalker LIDAR
Kustom Signals Laser
Kustom Signals Laser 340
LTI Laser
LTI 20-20

Pros of Cobra XRS 9370
– Able to detect the new Ku-band radar technology
– Immune to VG-2 and Spectre detector detection technologies
– Long detection range and super-fast processing speed
– Very compact design
– Sharp and bright, easy to read, color display screen

Price of Cobra XRS 9370
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