Cobra XRS9370 Review: Affordable Detector with Complete Detection Capabilities

Featuring a small, compact design, Cobra XRS9370 is one of the best affordable radar/laser detectors that can give you the ultimate protection and the much-needed peace of mind when you are out there on the road. Equipped with advanced technologies to detect a variety of radars and laser systems, Cobra XRS9370 is ready to protect you from all threats – it even can detect the Ku radar band, which is currently only used in some Europe countries. It also detects the latest radar gun technology, the Pop Mode, making it a very reliable device to prevent you from getting unnecessarily ticketed. Below, we will see the more detailed review about this valuable product.

One of the best things about Cobra XRS9370 is that it is equipped with the Xtreme Range Superheterodyne Technology and LaserEye. Cobra XRS9370 will enable you to act quickly and precisely by giving a significantly extended detection range. Thanks to the sophisticated technology, Cobra XRS9370 can give you the best possible warning even on the fastest radar guns. Cobra XRS9370 is able to detect signals as far as 1.25 miles. That is a truly impressive number. Keep in mind, though, that objects like trees and buildings may block the signal and thus reducing the detection range. Cobra XRS9370 can detect all radar and laser bands used by the law enforcement units from various states and countries, and the LaserEye ensures that you have full protection against signals coming from all directions.

When a threat is detected, the corresponding icon on the display screen turns on. There are X, K, and Ka icons; if a Ku signal is detected, the X and K icons turn on. The number on the right side of the display indicates the relative strength of the signal. Number 1 indicates a weak signal, meaning that the distance between you and the source is still pretty far. Number 5 indicates the strongest signal, which means that the distance between you and the source is very close. The V icon informs you if an RDD signal is detected; the icon will be turned on steadily on VG-2 signals, and the icon blinks on Spectre signals. For a safety alert, the S icon is the one that turns on. For Pop alerts, the letter P will appear. Whereas the letter L indicates a laser signal. Besides providing easy-to-read visual icons, Cobra XRS9370 also produces different audio alerts on different signals.

The latest radar gun technology, the Pop Mode, has been feared by many drivers because the single-pulse Doopler radar uses just a single short-time pulse to measure your vehicle’s speed. However, Cobra XRS9370 can keep you safe from the danger because the receiver has a much wider range than that of a Pop radar gun. You will know if you are being tracked first before the officer gets your speed. But the Pop Mode is very sensitive, and it may cause quite a lot of false alerts. Hence, the Pop Mode is only suitable for usage if really needed.

Cobra XRS9370 also comes with the IntelliMute feature. It virtually eliminates false alerts when you are driving slowly or even when you are not moving at all. The device detects the revs of your car’s engine; if the level is lower than the set limit, Cobra XRS9370 will not produce any false alert. However, the IntelliMute feature is no compatible with all car models. If the device can’t detect your car’s revs, don’t worry. There are still highway and city modes to reduce false alerts.

Cobra XRS9370 allows you to set the device to a highway or city mode. If you are driving through a densely populated place, you should switch the device into the city mode in order to prevent the device from picking conflicting signals, such as the ones from microwave towers and automatic door openers.

- Pop Mode detects the latest Radar Gun POP - Compact unit detects all 14 radar/laser bands at greater range than its predecessor - Superfast sweep circuitry provides extra detection range and the best possible advanced warning to even the fastest radar guns

The screen brightness is adjustable. There are three brightness levels to choose from: Dim, Dark, and Bright. In order to set the brightness level, you need to press the Dim button several times. By the way, the default setting of the device is Bright. There is also an Auto Mute Mode. Whenever any alert is produced, you can turn off the alert temporarily by pressing once on the Mute button. That is a nice, handy feature that is useful when you are answering a call. But, if the Auto Mute Mode is turned on, any alert tone from the device will be lowered after four seconds. Finally, there is also the IntelliMute Pro feature, which can automatically shut down the device to avoid detection by RDDs such as VG-2, Spectre I, and Spectre IV+. If the IntelliMute Pro is turned on and the revs level is under the set limit, Cobra XRS9370 will be switched off to prevent detection.

Specifications of Cobra XRS9370
• Xtreme Range Superheterodyne : Super-fast sweep circuitry for extra detection range and the best possible warning on even the fastest radar guns.
• Pop Mode Detection : Detects the latest technology of radar guns, the Pop (Super-Fast Instant-On) Mode.
• IntelliMute : Relative speed-sensing automatic mute system to virtually eliminate false alerts.
• LaserEye : For 360-degree detection of laser signals from all directions.
• Safety Alert : Informs and warns the driver about road hazards and emergency vehicles from systems equipped with the Safety Alert transmitters.
• Length: 1.33 inches (34.00 mm)
• Width: 2.83 inches (72.00 mm)
• Height: 4.15 inches (106.00 mm)
• Weight: 0.29 lbs (134 grams)
Radar signals:
• Pop Mode
• X band rdr
• K band rdr
• Ka superwide rdr
• Ku band rdr
• VG-2 rdd
• Spectre 1 rdd
• Spectre IV+ rdd
Laser signals:
• Laser Atlanta SpeedLaser / Kustom Signals-ProLaser II
• Stalker LIDAR
• Kustom signals laser
• Kustom signals 340
• LTI laser
• LTI 20-20
Safety Signal: Safety alert system

Pros of Cobra XRS9370
– A very huge value for the money
– Very easy and simple installation
– Easy to reach volume controls
– Exceptional detection performance
– Complete detection capabilities

Cons of Cobra XRS9370
Plasticky housing. Still gives false alerts occasionally. No GPS.

Price of Cobra XRS9370
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