Escort 8500 Vs 8500 X50

Choosing the right radar and laser gun detector is one crucial step to drive more safely and, well, to avoid getting ticketed unnecessarily. Of course, sometimes, you are in a dire circumstance that requires you to drive at high speed. By having a reliable radar and laser gun detector installed properly in your car, you have a better chance to know whether there is a threat ahead and, if there is, to lower your speed in a safe manner. Escort has become one of the most well-known radar/laser detector brand, and Escort 8500 is particularly very popular on the market. However, if you have prepared yourself to get the model, you may get confused upon finding that there are Escort 8500 and Escort 8500 X50 available on the market. So, what are the differences between Escort 8500 and Escort 8500 X50?


Similar Design
As a matter of fact, Escort 8500 X50 is an update model for Escort 8500. Thus, in effect, the two models indeed share some similarities in design and basic features. Both are certainly very compact that they can be put easily and conveniently anywhere in your car. You can put them on the dashboard or mount them above. They each also comes with a bright alphanumeric display screen that is very easy to read. The brightness level can be adjusted according to your preference and the light condition. So, you don’t need to worry about the display being too dim in the day or too bright in the night. Both models promoted 360-degree protection against radar and laser signals. There are Mute and AutoMute features that allow you to shut down false alerts and long encounters.

Improved Engine
Despite the similar design and features, Escort 8500 X50 indeed comes with some improvements. Most notably, it features the new antenna design and improved circuitry that allows for increased K and Ka-band radar detection range. Compared to Escort 8500, Escort 8500 X50 delivers over 50% added detection range. Such great improvement is indeed very beneficial. By getting notified from a longer distance, you can have more time to react and lower your speed. In addition, Escort 8500 X50 now also adds a selectable POP mode which is able to alert you of ultra-fast, instant-on POP radar signals.

- Intelligent AutoSensitivity mode automatically reduces false alarm
- Reprogrammable digital signal processing for upgrading for use against new detection systems
- Multiple high-performance laser sensors
- Sales restricted to the United States and shipment is prohibited to addresses in Virginia and Washington DC
- 360-Degree Radar and Laser Detection
- AutoSensitivity Mode Automatically Reduces False Alarms
- EZ-Programming Allows Instant Customization
- Radar Receiver / Detector Type : Superheterodyne, Varactor-Tuned VCO,Scanning Frequency Discriminator,Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Escort 8500 Vs 8500 X50
Finally, we recommend you to choose Escort 8500 X50. It comes with improved detection range and POP mode; both features are very beneficial, if not crucial.


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