Escort Max 360C vs Max 360

While most people know how to protect themselves from getting ticketed by using a radar detector, not all of us know which items to pick among the huge amount. If you are here for dependable radar detector, Max 360C vs Max 360 are two great models to go because they can inform you about threats effectively. If you are also wondering what the difference between these models are, go check what they can offer to you below and pick the one fit you the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why using Radar Detector
– What are Max 360C and Max 360
– What Max 360C and Max 360 Look Like
– What Max 360C and Max 360 can offer to you
– How good Max 360C and Max 360 can perform
– Max 360C vs Max 360

Radar Detector
No people love spending money on something if they can avoid it and thinking about the struggle we have to do to earn them will make anyone tried to keep their money tightly to pay all those necessaries everyday first. One thing we can avoid spend on to is paying the fine after getting ticketed for speeding which is of course not only annoying but expensive since each state may have their own limit on how much they fine drivers.

If you want to always have control over your speed on the road while also maximizing the time spend driving or riding without getting ticketed, then you will need a radar detector. We are sure most people are already know how this device work because they have been available since quite some time ago and while they are not popular in countries with no similar speeding limit, here in the US, we can see many people in states where they are legal using them to avoid speed traps.

A radar detector, just like the name is working by notifying the driver or rider when there are speed traps further so we will know when to adjust our speed and avoid getting ticketed. They indeed can promote a faster driving so we can arrive in our destination faster as well but it is not always the case because the more we see speed traps on the road, the more we have to reduce the speed, so they are not essentially for speeding but to avoid speed traps.

Since they are a detector, the main thing we will have to consider when looking for the device is how good they can detect the speed traps and any possible threats present on our way so we are protected properly. In this part, we can see different detectors working differently and while they seem similar, different model will also deliver a different result so it is important to check their capabilities as well as additional features that will be helpful when we drive or ride out there.

In present day where there are cameras everywhere, speed traps amount are also increasing and we can’t rely on the traditional speed traps anymore which is why many detectors are featured with GPS as well for better protection, so make sure to also include this capabilities if you have the budget to spend.

About Max 360C and Max 360
When it comes to hunt for the suitable product for our need, one question that seems to be always asked is what are the best items available in the market and it is the same with radar detector. As the customer, we always want to have the best but when it comes to price, we want those with the most affordable price. If you are here for the best items, then you will need to spend a little bit more because they are never actually cheap.

For those who need a dependable item, Escort as one of the most popular manufacturer of radar detector have the correct item for you and they are the flagship of the brand, Max 360C and Max 360. We are sure most of you are already familiar with these names because chances are you ever read them somewhere or already have one of them and want to try the other. What makes them very popular is because of how good their detections are and it is even upgraded to offer more.

As you can expect, the Max 360C is based on the original model, so there will be much similarities between the two but since they are made to upgrade its brother, we can hope to see more here especially on the additional feature that made the detector stands out even among other great items out there.

Max 360C and Max 360 Design
As you can see from the sample picture above, both of Max 360C and Max 360 are very similar in design but it doesn’t mean that they are identical because while they have similar form and dimension, the newer model seems to be sleeker and look more modern. The case to cover its internal elements is also changed with a matte looking plastic in grey color as opposed to black while the control is still the same just with different arrangement.

Another difference is on the arrow placement because if in the older model they are placed at the same space at the right part of the face, in this new model they are placed in each side of the face, so they look like framing the screen. The new magnetic mount is also better in our opinion because they are easier to use when you want to mount them on your windshield.

Max 360C and Max 360 Feature
Now let’s move to the capabilities side because this is where both of Max 360C and Max 360 differ the most which is the Wi-Fi. This special feature makes the new model currently the most expensive radar detector for a windshield mount and it is understandable while the older model step down a little bit. By planting this technology inside, it seem that Escort wants to aim their new detector to those people with a built-in wireless connectivity in their vehicle so they don’t have to reach for their phone.

Many people, probably you as well who already used the older Max 360 often have experience where they find it hard to connect their smartphone to the device after they get out of their car because we have to pair them through Bluetooth again and this can be very annoying when we have to make adjustment quickly since the solution often include restarting the detector again. With Wi-Fi, our device will be always connected to the internet without the help of other devices.

However, this is just the side benefit of having a Wi-Fi on the device because the main benefit will be on the convenience relating to the operating system. We know that everytime we need to upgrade the firmware, we have to take the detector and bring them inside to connect with wither your PC or laptop and while this is s minor inconvenience, some may too lazy to do it when there is a new operating system released and now we can eliminate the inconvenience.

When Escort release whether it is a new firmware or red light cameras position, the device will notify you and asking whether you want to upgrade them now and with the wireless connection, we can upgrade them on the way without the need of a computer anymore which is very convenient when you remember that the company doesn’t notify you about an update in the Max 360 so we have to make sure to read or search for information from time to time.

Another possibility to use Max 360C even when you don’t have a hotspot built in your car is to use the internet from your smartphone but this may possible if you are using an Android phone since there is an app that automatically activate our tethering when we go inside the car while in iOS user, it is a bit harder to do or we probably need to jailbreak the phone first.

Max 360C and Max 360 Performance
In the performance side, if you ever used the original Max 360 before, the way the perform will be very similar to each other but when comparing side by side, many people said that it seems the new model is slightly behind the older one. Comparing them to highest rated radars out there like Uniden R3 vs R1, will makes them not very impressive and they are definitely not the longest range radar available today but in real life situation, we can avoid getting ticketed by using either Max 360C or Max 360.

On the false alert filtering, both of them are working good because they can filter false alert effectively especially the GPS lockouts which is used to mark any false alert we faced when going down the road so they can learn automatically when we arrive at the same spot the next time.

Now, let’s compare Max 360C with Max 360. As you may already know, the difference between these two radar detectors are on the design, Wi-Fi, and the performance. In general, we will get additional capabilities that mostly benefit its convenience with Wi-Fi connectivity in Max 360C and sleeker design but in performance , while they are similarly dependable, the original Max 360 seem to have a slight upper hand.

Max 360C vs Max 360

- REAL-TIME TICKET-PROTECTION WITH CONNECTED CAR TECHNOLOGY - Built in Bluetooth & Wi-fi use your car's Onboard System with iPhone/Android. Receive warnings of police scanners around you reported by other radar detectors & tailored to your speed & settings.
- FASTEST RESPONSE TIME WITH THE BEST OF EARLY WARNINGS - Rapid Scan & Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology let the MAX 360C find and identify threats faster & more accurately with front/rear antennas so you're informed & protected for the road ahead
- FEWER FALSE ALERTS & 360° PROTECTION - Autolearn protection & patented anti-falsing technology uses GPS & the exact frequency of the signal to learn & remember false alerts from In-Vehicle Technology sources so you only hear what's important!
- AUTOLEARN TECHNOLOGY - 360° protection and patented anti-falsing technology uses the power of GPS and the exact frequency to learn and remember false alerts from moving In-Vehicle Technology sources. You'll only hear what's important, nothing else
- CLEAR VOICE ALERTS - Unique voice warnings allow for hands-free operation and provide crystal clear communication. Based on your speed, alerts are tailored to fit your location and movement. Allowing you to keep your eyes on the road with no distractions
- ESCORT ADVANTAGE - As threats increase, stay ahead of them with ESCORT LIVE and the Detector Tools. 1,000's of pre-loaded locations, and add your own "hot spots" to create Escort's DEFENDER DATABASE so you'll have protection wherever the road takes you

All in all, the decision is all yours to make since both have their own benefit, the original Max 360 being the more affordable option and still dependable while Max 360C have additional capabilities for better convenience. If you want the one that require less effort to work and have no very limited budget, we will recommend you to pick the new Escort Max 360C.


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