Escort Max2 Vs Max 360

Radar detectors are electronic gadgets used by drivers to track their speed on the road. With the creative invention of radar detectors, drivers can steer clear of trouble with the law as these devices help govern the vehicle’s speed. Let’s get into details on how two of some of the best radar detectors, the Escort Max2 vs Max 360 compare.


· They boast of wireless technology since they are both Bluetooth-enabled.
· They are both enabled with GPS technology.
· They both have speed notifications as they warn the driver of over speeding.
· They have polychromous graphic displays which clearly show the driver’s current speed and also highlight other icons on the detector.
· They both operate on X Band and K Band radar frequencies where handheld radar guns receive reflected radar signals from moving objects hence deciding their speed.
· They both have 1 year warranty.

· The Escort Passport Max 2 Radar Detector lacks the customizable multi-color graphic display option which the Escort Max 360 has.
· Escort Max 2 weighs 1.3 pounds less than Escort Max 360 with a weight of 1.9 pounds.
· In terms of size Escort Max 2 is smaller as it measures 5.2 x 3.2 x 1 inches whereas Escort Max 360 measures 9 x 7.5 x 2.5 inches.
· The Escort Max 2 has a tone alert whereas the Escort Max 360 has a voice alert.
· The visual alert on the Escort Max 2 is arrow-shaped which is distinct from Escort Max 360 whose visual alert comes in form of text.
· The Escort Max 2 Radar Detector’s price is half that of the Escort Max 360 which costs $649.00.
· Escort Max 360 is equipped with 360 degrees front and rear antennas unlike the Escort Max 2.

Radar detectors shouldn’t be misunderstood as having been built to distract driving, but to eliminate careless driving which leads to road carnages ending in the destruction of property and loss of lives. Since over speeding is dangerous and risky, it is recommended that these detectors be put in place so as to ensure that the average, safe speed limit is observed.

- Max II has built-in Bluetooth wireless technology.
- All-new receiver incorporates advanced military technology called Digital Signal Processing (DSP).
- New Multi-Color OLED Display.
- The Passport Max II can be set up for your specific type of driving and personal preference.
- Intelligence is also packed into this ticket-protecting marvel
- Simple communication
- Escort's Max 360's five levels of filtering ensure the quietest ride
- Rich data plus the power of community
- Escort Max 360's front and rear antennas scan rapidly in all directions harnessing the lightening-fast focus of Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
- The total package - Escort Max 360 comes complete with everything you need

Escort Max2 Vs Max 360
As for the Escort Max 2 vs Max 360 product encounter, the Escort Max 360 takes the victory as it is more advanced than the Escort Passport Max 2 thanks to its immediate fast response time, its filtering properties including the Intelligent and Custom Filtering which provide for a soft ride. Also, with the numerous directional arrows it features, drivers are kept alert on the potential hazards in their directions at all times.


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