Escort Max2 Vs Redline

If you are tired with your traditional radar detector, it is probably the time to upgrade to a more modern model that features a multi-color LCD screen. Two excellent models from Escort that you can consider are Escort Max2 and Escort Redline. Below, we will see the comparison between Escort Max2 vs Redline to help you make your choice.

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– The design of each radar detector unit
– The available connectivity features on each model
– Whether Escort Max2 and Escort Redline are undetectable or not
– Their performance in filtering false alerts
– The detection performance of Escort Max2 vs Redline
– Which model that is more recommended for the money

Let’s begin by comparing the dimensions of these radar detectors. An ideal radar detector is supposed to be slim and compact so that it will not obstruct your vision. If you want to mount your radar detector high on the windshield, make sure that it will not block your sight to the rearview mirror. See also: Escort Passport 9500ix Vs Max2.

Escort Max2 is actually pretty thick. It measures 3.2 inches wide, 5.3 inches deep, and 1.3 inches tall. In addition, it does not come with the sticky cup mount. As the effect, the mounting can be a little bit tricky if you want to mount it high on your windshield. However, it is actually still slimmer and more compact than Escort Redline.

Escort Max2 has a wide display screen on the front. All of the buttons are located on the top panel. As the effect, the buttons may be a little difficult to access if you mount it high on the windshield or on the rearview mirror. You may hit a wrong button when trying to mute a false alert.

On the other hand, Escort Redline has a slightly larger overall size. It measures 3.13 inches wide, 5.5 inches deep, and 1.44 inches tall. Finding the right place to mount the unit may be a bit tricky due to the thick, long shape. But this model comes with a sticky cup mount, so the mounting process becomes a lot more straightforward.

Escort Redline has a very nice design. All of the buttons are located on the front, just under the display screen. So, the buttons are easier to access. You can easily find the mute button when trying to calm down the unit in the event of a false alert.

Both Escort Max2 vs Redline radar detectors have built-in Bluetooth. As the effect, you can connect Escort Max2 or Escort Redline wirelessly to your mobile device. Both models are compatible with the Escort Live mobile app.

Installing the Escort Live mobile app is an effective way to retrieve real-time information about threat locations and road hazards. Through this mobile app, Escort users can share such information in real time. This is very convenient because you become able to find out about threats located far beyond your radar detector’s detection range. So, by the time you reach the real threat, you are already prepared.

One big difference between Escort Max2 vs Redline is the undetectability. This is not a problem if you are driving in a place where radar detectors are considered legal. However, things are a little bit different if your place bans radar detectors. Well, you probably should not use a radar detector in the first place if it is illegal. But, if you really need one, choosing an undetectable radar detector can be a solution.

Escort Max2 does not have any stealth technology. So, it can be detected by any radar detector detection. Fortunately, it is legal for use in almost every state in the United States except Washington D.C. and Virginia. As an additional note, radar detectors are usually banned in an area that is nearby a military base.

On the other hand, Escort Redline boasts the exclusive TotalShield technology. It claims to have 100% undetectablity. This is definitely very convenient, as you don’t need to worry about getting caught by a radar detector detection. Even so, we still suggest you to avoid using a radar detector in places where such devices are prohibited.

False Alert Filtering
Both Escort Max2 and Escort Redline use GPS lockouts to filter false alerts. This is quite effective for filtering most false alerts. With either Escort Max2 or Escort Redline, whenever you get a false alert, you can mark it. The unit will record the GPS location and signal frequency. The unit will automatically classify the signal with the same location and frequency as a false alert the next time it is detected.

This technology is especially effective for filtering fixed-position false alerts. It is great for filtering those X-band and K-band false alerts that often come from door openers. However, Escort Max2 and Escort Redline will always alert Ka-band signals no matter what.

However, the GPS lockout technology is not totally risk-free. If some police officer decides to hunt for speeders near a mall (or any building that has an automatic door opener), and the radar gun frequency is similar to that of a false alert that you have marked, your radar detector probably won’t give an alert for the threat. Well, the chance of this happening is rather small, but it is still possible.

Detection Performance
The detection performance of Escort Max2 is actually pretty good. It can detect most radar signals from safe distances. It handles X, K, and Ka radar signals very well, thanks to the Superheterodyne VCO sensor and advanced digital signal processing. In most cases, Escort Max2 can save you from getting ticketed. You should combine it with the Escort Live mobile app for the best protection.

However, Escort Redline is even better. The performance is very impressive. It can detect threat signals from very long distances, especially if the signal is located straight ahead. This is possible because of the dual antennas and dual LNA receivers, which greatly enhance the capability of the superheterodyne VCO sensor. It also has the scanning frequency discriminator and advanced digital signal processing.

Escort Max2 Vs Redline

NameEscort Max2Escort Redline
Key Features- Max II has built-in Bluetooth wireless technology - All-new receiver incorporates advanced military technology called Digital Signal Processing (DSP) - New Multi-Color OLED Display- High-performance radar/laser detector with ultra-bright 280-LED alphanumeric display - Detection and separate alerts for Full X, K, SuperWide Ka, and Safety Warning System radar capability

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Both models here are generally good, but Escort Redline is definitely the best. It has a much better detection performance. It can detect threat signals from very long distances. It also has the TotalShield technology for 100% undetectability.


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