Escort Passport S55 vs 9500IX

Escort is one of the most renowned brands of radar detectors. The following discussion will help you choose between Escort Passport S55 vs 9500IX.

More specifically, this article will cover everything about:
– The design and build quality of each radar detector
– The available connectivity options on each model
– The special features of Escort Passport S55 and 9500IX
– The performance of Escort Passport vs 9500IX
– Which radar detector that is generally more recommended

Escort Passport S55: Overview
When it was first released, Escort Passport S55 was definitely a stylish, modern-looking radar detector. However, the statement probably doesn’t hold true anymore by today’s standards. If we compare it to other models in the market nowadays, Escort Passport S55 looks simple and rather outdated, even though the plastic construction is sturdy enough to withstand abuse where other models would break apart easily. See also: Escort 8500 vs Redline EX

That said, the mounting bracket isn’t as good. It looks weak and vulnerable, as if it is not sturdy enough to hold the radar detector. You may want to purchase a stronger and sturdier mount instead of betting on the suction cups that are included in the package. Nevertheless, this problem with the mounting bracket is not exclusive to Escort Passport S55 alone – this is also found in several other Escort models including Escort Passport 9500IX.

Regardless of the design, Escort Passport S55 vs 9500IX is definitely a radar detector that is easy to use. You won’t need to fiddle with too many buttons in order to configure and operate the unit. If you want to make adjustments, for example reducing or increasing the display brightness, you can do so even without reading the user manual. The controls are simple and intuitive.

There are four levels of brightness. You can set the volume, dark mode, and what laser and radar bands to detect with just a few presses. There are three different display modes: Standard, ExpertMeter, and SpecDisplay; all provide useful information and are easy to understand.

Unfortunately, Escort Passport S55 is lacking several features. It doesn’t have an audio jack, so you have to rely on the basic audio alerts. There is no USB port, so you won’t be able to update the firmware.

Escort Passport S55: Features
When driving, you can’t just take your eyes off the road to read the radar detector’s display. Fortunately, Escort Passport S55 vs 9500IX has sound alerts to tell you about potential threats. The beeps are audible enough in most situations, unless you are playing music very loudly. The beeps will also tell you which band is detected.

Escort Passport S55 has an automute feature. This is very convenient because sometimes you can’t reach for the radar detector immediately to turn off a false alert. The automute will lessen the volume of the sound alert until it stops.

Escort Passport S55 is equipped with a V-Tuned receiver. According to the company, this receiver has a very long detection range and is able to detect all radar bands, including X, SuperWide Ka, and K. It also has a sophisticated Digital Signal Processing (DSP) which optimizes the processing speed. The device can detect laser bands as well, although this is rather useless because, by the moment the device alerts about a laser gun, you would have been ticketed already.

Escort Passport S55 does not have a built-in GPS, but it has the Auto Sensitivity Mode to reduce false alarms. This feature enables the device to identify speed traps and ignore false alerts. This feature works with the Travel Signal Rejection (TSR) technology which also eliminates false alarms coming from traffic flow monitoring systems.

However, Escort Passport S55 is susceptible to false alerts triggered by vehicle’s Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) systems, which utilize a K-band frequency. Unfortunately, there is no workaround to make the device differentiate such harmless signals from actual threats. Turning off the K-band detection can prevent false alerts from BSM systems, but this may render you vulnerable to K-band radar guns.

Missing Features
Indeed, Escort Passport S55 is undetectable by the VG-2 RDD technology. However, it is not mentioned whether this model is undetectable by Spectre, the latest RDD technology. You should be careful because Spectre has been widely used these days.

Escort Passport S55 also lacks bluetooth, which is necessary if you want to use the Escort Live service. You can use the SmartCord in order to make it work with Escort Live, but the SmartCord is not included in the box and must be purchased separately.

Escort Passport S55: Performance
The performance of Escort Passport S55 is actually impressive. It has a very long detection range. It can detect a radar gun from thousands of feets away in your direction, hence giving you enough time to slow down safely. This model is also able to scan and spot all radar bands, which is very important because police use several different types of radar guns.

Moreover, the Auto Sensitivity feature of Escort Passport S55 is quite effective for minimizing false alerts. When detecting multiple signals, it smartly distinguishes them and picks the most potential threats accurately.

The performance on hills and curved roads is also great. It consistently detects signals from far away so that you won’t need to hit the brake suddenly. Unfortunately, the lack of a BSM filter or at least a feature to mark false alerts makes Escort Passport S55 quite inconvenient to use.

Escort Passport 9500IX: Overview
Escort Passport 9500IX looks stylish and beautiful. The top-mounted buttons are backlit, so they are very easy to find when driving at night. On the side, you can find a USB port which allows updates for the firmware and the built-in Defender GPS database.

With the AutoLearn feature, Escort Passport 9500IX can automatically lock out false alerts that come up several times in the same locations. But you can also do it manually by double-tapping the Mark button during the audio alert. When the device is not alerting, pressing the Mark button will add the location to the database – there are four options for the location tag to identify the type of threat.

Of course, Escort Passport S55 vs 9500IX is also able to detect all radar and laser bands, such as X, SuperWide Ka, and K. But it is not the only thing that Escort Passport 9500IX is capable of.

Escort Passport 9500IX: Features
Escort Passport 9500IX uses a built-in GPS to automatically remember repetitious false alerts and ignore them, so you won’t be bothered by them anymore in the future. If there is a real threat in the same area, you will still get notified. There is also the Auto Sensitivity feature to adjust the sensitivity to threats according to the speed of your vehicle.

Escort Passport 9500IX comes with a special Traffic Sensor Rejection software, which will allow the device to ignore the traffic flow sensors used in certain areas of the country. The built-in GPS is also beneficial because of it has an extensive database. Whenever you get close to a red light or a speed cam, the device will give you an alert along with an arrow on the display pointing to the direction of the threat.

You can update this radar detector’s database by simply connecting it to your computer via USB. It doesn’t take long for it to update itself, and you will be glad you did. If a new red light or speed camera is installed somewhere, you will want to know about it.

The sensitivity of this radar detector will be adjusted based on the speed of your car. The variable speed sensitivity ensures that you only get alerts for legitimate threats while driving. You can choose to turn this feature off and enable Highway mode instead. It is important to keep in mind that doing this will increase the number of false alerts that you receive.

Escort Live is available for both Android and iOS users. It enables users to share real-time locations of radar guns, red lights, speed traps, and other threats. This app is free to download, and is very useful for providing an extra layer of protection. It will immediately warn you about speed traps or cops in close proximity that have been sighted by other users. The community has become quite large, so the app is quite effective.

Escort Passport 9500IX comes with the SmartCord, which will allow you to connect the unit to your mobile phone via bluetooth. So, you can make use of the Escort Live service and join the community right away.

Escort Passport 9500IX: Performance
Escort Passport 9500IX has been around for quite some time. It was the flagship model from the company, though there are now newer (and more expensive) models to fill the line-up. Despite the age, however, Escort Passport 9500IX still has decent performance. Against X-band radar guns, it is still able to send alerts from far enough distances.

The detection range against Ka-band radar guns is also pretty good, though no longer the best of the competition. It can detect 34.7 Ka-band signals from roughly 1,900 feet away, and 35.5 Ka-band radar signals from slightly above 2,000 feet away. There should be enough time for you to react in a safe manner.

The ability to mark false alerts is convenient. This way, false alerts won’t come up too often. Turning on the TSR is effective for preventing false alerts from nearby BSM systems.

Escort Passport S55 vs 9500IX

- Escort Passport S55 High Performance Radar and Laser Detector
- RadarMount Suction Mount Bracket For Radar Detectors - ESCBEL (Bulk Packaged)
- PASSPORT S55 provides 3-types of meter displays: Standard Bar Graph, exclusive ExpertMeter, and our unique SpecDisplay for information at a glance.
- PASSPORT S55's multiple high-performance laser sensors provide maximum laser warnings, with superior off-axis protection.
- FEWER FALSE ALERTS - With Escorts TRAFFIC SENSOR REJECTION, it will display more accurate alerts. Limiting the distractions on the road.
- NATIONAL COVERAGE - Thousands of pre loaded locations, and the ability to add your own "hot spots" create Escorts DEFENDER DATABASE. Receive alerts that are constantly monitoring as you approach surveillance threats.
- STAY INFORMED - During an alert the 9500iX displays all of the information you need to make the best possible decision. Vehicle Speed, Laser Band, and Signal Strength displayed to make you more informed.
- UP-TO-DATE - As threats continue to increase, stay ahead of them with ESCORT LIVE and the Detector Tools. Compatible with MAC and PC you can go online to download the latest updates for scanner threat locations.

Between these two, Escort Passport 9500IX is definitely better and more recommended. It has far better features. It has a built-in GPS, and it comes with the SmartCord to enable Escort Live. The performance is good and reliable. It is more resistant against false alerts.


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