Escort Passport X70 Review : Radar Detector

Technology keeps on improving day by day, the world is moving from analog to digital. the invention of machines has created ease on both the automobile sector and other fields as well. In this section we are going to review the escort passport X70 which is among the best models in automobile sector.It is user friendly and has a black housing and also has three dimensions which are larger in size.

Escort Passport X70 Review

Just like the X 50, escort passport X70 also has a rotary thumbwheel switch on the side which is used for power and audio volume. In case you want to adjust the system’s volume or switch it on.It has four buttons on the upper housing. The centre button can be used to adjust the volume by rotating the knob up or down, you can also chose to mute.The other side of the case has a USB port and an audio out jack. These ports allow the users to install any software they would wish to have. This makes the X70 unique because X50 models lacked USB port.

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Escort X 70 has a different type of display. It uses OLEDs as compared to X 50 which used red LEDs.
A radar frequency is digitally displayed while in spec mode allowing knowledgeable drivers to detect at a glance whether the ka-band alert can be safely ignored. Drivers with wide knowledge of the radar frequency can close the unused ka-band segments. This alerts the detector to ignore some signals and also reduces false alarms.

- High-performance laser sensors - Auto Sensitivity mode - Mute and automute functions - Bar graph, Expert Meter and Spec Display options - Live Radar app (download required)

As compared to escort passport 9500c and RedlineXR that have eight ka-band segments, escort passport x70 on offers four ka-band segments.Escort passport X 70 has an excellent radar performance and you will enjoy using it at ease, because it is user friendly. It has unique features that would never disappoint you while using .it is also budget friendly. This is a kind of model you shouldn’t miss out to have in your automobile


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