Escort Solo S3 Review : Superb Performance, Futuristic Design

Getting busted for speeding just a little bit over the speed limit is indeed very frustrating. Even though the speed limit has been made for very good reasons, sometimes, you are just in a hurry, either you are running late for work or getting your kids to the nearly-missed weekend soccer practice. In such circumstances, people can easily speed beyond the speed limit without being aware. Unfortunately, whatever the reason is, the law can care less about it. Most probably, you are still going to be ticketed.


Because of that very reason, you may want to have a truly decent and reliable radar and laser gun detector working in your car. With the device, you can get notified whenever there is a radar or laser gun aiming at you, tracking your speed. This way, you can immediately lower your speed in a safe and proper manner. There are many choices available on the market, but perhaps Escort Solo S3 is among the best that you can get. The model comes in such futuristic design. It stands out from the rest by featuring its own unique and distinctive style, while providing superior detection performance.

Escort Solo S3 comes with a sturdy and rugged construction. It offers the freedom of cordless operation; it can operate using just a pair of AA batteries, which can last for months. Which is awesome. However, if you prefer constant and consistent powering, you can use the Escort SmartCord instead to plug the device into the electricity outlet in your car.

Escort Solo S3 has been equipped with the very practical quick-release mount. You can mount and unmount it effortlessly just by pressing the release button on the top surface. Also on the top surface, you can find a large Mute button. Other buttons are placed on the front. This way, you can be absolutely sure when pressing the Mute button; there won’t be any fumbling between buttons, which is the case with many other radar/laser gun detector models. On the front panel, there is a high-res display screen. It is very informative, as it can show you not only the type of the signal detected but also the relative strength that indicates the distance to the source.

Another great thing about Escort Solo S3 is that it is highly customizable. The brightness level of the screen can be adjusted and even set to be automatic. The voice alert and AutoMute features are programmable, too, as well as the power-on sequence and bands. Hence, you can adapt the device to suit your specific driving style!

Furthermore, Escort Solo S3 has been empowered by various high-performance technologies, such as the Superheterodyne GaAs FET VCO design which allows for significantly improved detection range. With a 4-bit analog-digital converter and Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Escort Solo S3 offers superior processing speed. The combination delivers an unmatched detection performance. Whenever and wherever, you will always be on guard. Escort Solo S3 is able to detect X, K, and SuperWide Ka bands, as well as laser signals. You don’t need to worry about detection detectors because Escort Solo S3 is immune to VG-2!

Specifications of Escort Solo S3
Laser 904nm 33 MHz Bandwidth
Ka-band 34.70 GHz ± 1300 MHz
K-band 24.15 GHz ± 100 MHz
X-band 10.52 GHz ± 25 MHz
4-bit Analog-Digital Converter
Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Scanning Frequency Discriminator
Superheterodyne, GaAs FET VCO
Multiple Laser Sensor Diodes
Quantum Limited Video Receiver
High-Resolution Graphic OLED Display
2 AA Batteries, Escort SmartCord® (Optional)
AutoPower (On/Off)
Power-On Sequence
Power-On Indication
Bands (On/Off)
Signal Strength Meter
City Mode
Audio Tones
AutoMute (On/Off)
Brightness Control
Dark Mode
Highway, Auto, City
DIMENSIONS (inches): 1.16 H x 2.90 W x 5.25 L

Pros of Escort Solo S3
– Super detection range and processing speed
– Sophisticated intuitive design
– Programmable power-on, scanning, alert, and brightness
– Immune to VG-2
– Flexible powering, you can use a pair of AA batteries or plug it into a power source using the Escort SmartCord

Price of Escort Solo S3
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