Max 360C vs Escort Redline EX

Nobody is happy being caught for speeding through speed cameras or caught by the speed trap because we have to pay the fine and most of them are not cheap. To make sure we can avoid those traps, radar detector like Max 360C vs Escort Redline EX are two nice option to go because they are proven to be dependable on the road. If you are also interested in these models from Escort, check our article to see their capabilities.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a radar detector
– What are Max 360C and Escort Redline EX
– What Max 360C and Escort Redline EX Look Like
– What have been upgraded in Max 360C and Escort Redline EX
– How are the Performance of Max 360C and Escort Redline EX
– Max 360C vs Escort Redline EX

Radar Detector
Since the first time maximum speed is applied in your state, speeding is no longer safe to do because if not careful enough, we will be ticketed and fined for an amount of money depend on where you live and just like everybody, we are not preferring to spend something we can’t enjoy or benefit one way or another. While this is indeed can be annoying, moreover, if you need to arrive faster, we can’t do nothing about it.

While the law will stay that way, it doesn’t mean there is no method we can use to avoid getting ticketed for speeding because where there is problem, people will work to find the solution and to make sure you are always aware of the traps in your area, radar detector is created. This device has been available since quite some time ago and still being used even today because they are very useful yet with some additional new capabilities added.

In the past when everything is still limited, we only need protection from speed traps but today, there are cameras here and there which will capture your speeding and used as an evident of your disobedience. Since it doesn’t emit band, the radar can’t detect them, today we have to use a GPS system to mark those places or spots to make sure you will know when approaching such areas which is especially useful when you are living or driving in an urban areas.

While all radar detectors are made to give you a warning when there is a signal or two being picked up by the detector which mean there is potential threat near you; not all of them are going to have the same detection range and even if yours is the best long range detectors out there like those R series by Uniden, understanding how the device work will stay necessary. For example, in the US, most law enforcement are migrating to K and Ka band or starting to leave the X band.

This is also the reason why we need to learn the device or look for some other information first when planning to purchase a radar detector if you never used one before. However, you can pass this step if you already used some models before. In addition, radar detector have different detecting range and those with higher sensitivity won’t always be the best because the kind of landscape will affect how the device work as well.

About Max 360C and Escort Redline EX
When talking about radar detector, we are going to be faced with so many brands and models which making it hard to pick just one among them but, if you need to do quick searching, try looking from the favorite brands in the market. One brand that seems to be the choice of so many people when they first using a radar detector is Escort because they are indeed one of the main player for radar detector and offers many great devices in their catalogue.

Escort however, is not an affordable brand of radar detector because many of their popular items priced quite high up there but if you are planning to start from the highest models, they are going to be a nice option. For those with more budget, the Max 360C and Escort Redline EX will probably suit your taste because as a higher-end models, these two have modern capabilities and very dependable when you are down the road to avoid those speed traps and cameras.

The Max 360C is as you may already know, the improved version of the long popular Max360 and while most of the capabilities and technology inside says the same, it is now more modern with WiFi feature. At the other hand, Redline Ex is the improved model of Redline and the one that has been asked by the user for years because it now has an improved BSM filtering, GPS, and of course a new wireless connection as well, overall, it is a new and modern version of the older radar.

Max 360C and Escort Redline EX Design
From the outside, both of them are very easy to distinguish or separate from each other since they are made to be different even from the design. The Max360C still has the similar form like its older model but now it is renewed with a fresh face and as opposed to the bulky black cover, it is now comes in dark grey with sleek body and new arrow placed all over the face unlike the original model which placed them on the right side.

As for Redline EX, the new model seems to have a bit bulkier body than the slim and small older Redline but it is kind of understandable when you are counting the new technology they put inside. It still has the similar form but now with a far better screen and bigger buttons to press as opposed to the smaller one in the older model which sometime hard to press. The amount of buttons is also increased due to the additional capabilities. Read also: Max 360C vs Max 360 here.

Max 360C and Escort Redline EX Updates
Moving on the capabilities side, let’s talk about what’s great about Max360C radar detector because as an upgrade of the already good device, we feel like the new technology should be very useful and it is indeed for those who want a better convenient because what we can get in this model is Wi-Fi connectivity. This feature is nice if you have hotspot built in your car or even if you not, your smartphone can do as well as long as you mind about the data usage beforehand.

What’s convenient from the additional capability is it can automatically update both the firmware and built-in red light camera database which is time consuming in the older version with only Bluetooth connectivity. With the Wi-Fi, we can let the device do its work without manually bringing them inside and plug it to your computer and run to update the software. While software update is not a very frequent issue with Escort, it is still very convenient to eliminate the hassle.

In addition, the device will notify us when there is an update unlike in the past where there is no way to check if your device is up to date unless you are informed by following forums with similar users. As for the database, it can also update them automatically but since the device will always connect to Escort Live, as long as we bring the phone, the Wi-Fi is not better than Bluetooth.

Moving to the update in Escort Redline EX, this radar detector is now capable of doing the BSM filtering which is not very good in the original model and it is a nice new upgrade to avoid the annoyance when you are down the road. Due to the GPS feature, it is also now capable of doing low speed mute and notify those places that are not emitting signals so we can have better protection especially against speed cameras. In addition, it also has Bluetooth like the original Max 360.

With this connectivity, the radar detector will always connect to Escort Live as long as you bring your phone with you and referring to the newest RLC database in case yours is already outdated. However, if you want to do quick update, Bluetooth is not very dependable and it is probably better to just plug your device to computer and run the software update manually.

Max 360C and Escort Redline EX Performance
Rich features radar detector doesn’t always mean they are the longest out there and this is the main issue for enthusiast. When tested, both of Max 360C and Escort Redline EX are not the longest radar detectors out there and compared to the benchmark Redline, they are falling quite far behind with each one of them not performing as good as the original models. Comparing the two however, they are almost on the same level since 360C looks better in 33.8 while EX is winning in 34.7.

Now, let’s compare Max 360C with Escort Redline EX. The differences between them are on the design, capabilities and performance because 360C looks sleeker and simpler with more capabilities thanks to the Wi-Fi connectivity while EX only have Bluetooth yet, the performance can be very similar in level since they may better on one part and another.

Max 360C vs Escort Redline EX

- REAL-TIME TICKET-PROTECTION WITH CONNECTED CAR TECHNOLOGY - Built in Bluetooth & Wi-fi use your car's Onboard System with iPhone/Android. Receive warnings of police scanners around you reported by other radar detectors & tailored to your speed & settings.
- FASTEST RESPONSE TIME WITH THE BEST OF EARLY WARNINGS - Rapid Scan & Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology let the MAX 360C find and identify threats faster & more accurately with front/rear antennas so you're informed & protected for the road ahead
-FEWER FALSE ALERTS & 360° PROTECTION - Autolearn protection & patented anti-falsing technology uses GPS & the exact frequency of the signal to learn & remember false alerts from In-Vehicle Technology sources so you only hear what's important!
- INTELLIGENT False Alert Filter Don’t get caught speeding again with Escorts AutoLearn technology that uses GPS to determine the validity of each police radar signal detection, creating the most accurate long range detection in the industry.
- NATIONAL COVERAGE - With thousands of pre loaded locations, and the ability to add your own "hot spots" you can feel protected on unfamiliar roads. Escorts industry leading technology and reliable performance will monitor the road ahead.
- CLEAR VOICE ALERTS - Unique voice alerts allow for hands-free operation and provide crystal clear communication of alerts. Based on your speed, alerts will be tailored to fit your location and movemnt. Keep your eyes on the road with no distractions.

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different need, preference or budget to spend especially for the expensive Escorts detectors. However, if you only need a device that can work dependably and doesn’t really concerning the convenient of Wi-Fi, we will recommend you to pick Escort Redline EX since it is more affordable and already has the important capabilities.


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