Radenso Pro Review : Radar Detector

For all of the speed lovers out there, radar detectors are somewhat of a mandatory equipment. They alert drivers to reduce the speed by showing them whether their speed is monitored by a radar gun. In this Radenso Pro review, we will go through its specifications and compare it to other radar detectors.

Radenso Pro Review

Radenso Pro Features
Except being the smallest radar detector in the world, Radenso Pro outperforms most other radars in the market. Its Highway, City and AutoCity mode with 7 selectable display allow the users to fully enjoy the ride on any road.

It offers a selectable X, K and Ka radar band for adjusting the range you want. This efficient radar and laser detector has multiple laser sensor diodes and GPS with lockout features for false locations and free lifetime GPS updates.

The yellow-colored display makes it easier for the colorblind. What’s more, clear voice alerts provide the driver with the information without having to actually look at the bright LED display. The AutoMute option reduces the alerts’ volume and makes your ride as quiet as you want.

Comparison to Other Radar Detectors
Radenso Pro surely isn’t on the cheap side of the price spectrum, but its radar detection performance justifies the amount of money you’ll spend for it. For example, this lightweight radar detector beats Valentine 1 and Passport in distance reach. Its detection sensitivity puts it in line with Escort Redline and Escort Passport Max 2.

- Smallest high performance radar detector in the world - Super long range - Built in GPS with RLC database - Sophisticated Muting options

The biggest advantage of this little gadget over others on the market is probably the size. You can find the place for it on any type of vehicle. You may think it’s weak, but this tiny monster lets you choose from a variety of radar bands and allows for a quiet ride. We hope our Radenso Pro review helped you choose your next radar detector.


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