The Escort Passport S55 Review : Laser Detector with Accessories Combo Bundle

When you buy a radar detector, you expect it to protect you from the unnecessary cost and hassle of speeding tickets. Unfortunately, the wrong device will leave you frustrated with false alerts and unreliable readings. This Escort Passport S55 review will introduce you to one of the top devices on the market and explore the features that make it a consumer favorite.

The Escort Passport S55 Review

The Passport S55 High Performance Radar and Laser Detector is designed as an affordable device from industry leader Escort. Its balance of power and value make the Passport S55 a consumer favorite, both for hardcore radar detector enthusiasts and first-time buyers. (Read also : Escort Passport S55 Vs 8500)

The device detects five different radar and signal types (X band, K band, Ka band, laser, and the detector-defying POP radar) and identifies them to the driver with a unique tone for each. This means the driver never has to take their eyes off the road to receive a clear alert from their Passport S55. Unlike many other radar and laser detectors, the Passport S55 intelligently filters false alarms to further protect the driver from distractions and unnecessary worry.

The Passport S55 is also designed with the tranquility of your ride in mind. Once the device alarms for the first time, it automatically lowers the volume of subsequent alerts with its AutoMute feature. This means that once the Passport S55 has gotten your attention, it won’t continue to drive you crazy with annoying, distracting repeat alarms.

Passport S55 owners can use Escort Live to connect with a community of Escort radar detector owners who log the locations at which they have detected police radar signals. This means users will always be alerted when approaching common speed trap locations, even if they are traveling in an unfamiliar area.

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For advanced users, the Passport S55 can be configured to SpecDisplay and ExpertMeter modes to provide specific, detailed information about the signals being received. The SpecDisplay tells drivers the exact frequency of each radar signal being detected, while the ExpertMeter can track historical data on commonly detected radar signals. This means a driver can use the ExpertMeter to detect if changes are made to the traffic radars or laser cameras in his or her hometown.

This Escort Passport S55 review is not an exhaustive guide to all aspects of the device, but provides a general introduction to some of the key features that have made the Passport S55 one of the best-selling and most appreciated products on the market.


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