Uniden DFR7 vs DFR8

Uniden is one of the most popular brand of radar detector in the market thanks to their affordable and high quality detectors which is taking the attention of so many radar users. If you are here to spend less, Uniden DFR7 and DFR8 can be a nice option. Due to being in the same line, they are also similar yet different and if you are also interested in these models, go check our article below to see which the better option is.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why using a Radar Detector
– What are Uniden DFR7 and DFR8
– What Uniden DFR7 and DFR8 Look Like
– How are the Display in Uniden DFR7 and DFR8
– What Uniden DFR7 and DFR8 can offer to you
– How are the Performance of Uniden DFR7 and DFR8
– Uniden DFR7 vs DFR8

Radar Detector
Radar detector is a very useful device to have if you want to drive safely by avoiding the speed traps that may present in your way to your destination. Driving as fast as we can is not the key and reason why we need a radar detector because the real problem is getting ticketed since there must be some money spent to pay the fine and as regular people, we don’t want to pay something when we can avoid it.

The fine between states may differ from each other but they are quite the amount of money to spend from our hard work. If you are using a radar detector, the device will notify us when there is a radar around us or potential threat which may catch our vehicle later so, to prepare for the trap, we can adjust the speed first before arriving at the location. With this, we can appear to drive on the allowed speed and so we don’t have to pay the fine.

However, having a radar detector mounted in your windshield is not a guarantee that we can always arrive faster at our destination because they are not here to speed our car. As you may already know, radar is here to get you informed and not to allow you speeding all the way which mean the more we see a speed trap, the more we have to slow our vehicle down so arriving faster is not always the benefit.

Another thing you may want to consider is the legality because apparently not all states allow radar detector but here in the US, as long as you are not living or driving through the nation’s capital DC or Virginia, we are pretty much legal to own and use them. Outside these states, we are free to use or own them so it is also safer for law enforcement won’t take or destroy our device. However, make sure to understand the related law as well to be sure.

About Uniden DFR7 and DFR8
If you are already making up your mind to use or purchase a radar detector to avoid getting ticketed again next time, now is the time to look around and see what’s the market has to offer because as a user, most of the time we always want to get the best item or those with the highest capability. But, since those items are never cheap, it is also good to consider your budget and need first so we can pick the most ideal device.

When it comes to radar and budget, the first brand comes to our mind is Uniden which is currently very popular with their R series for being the longest radar out there in the market, even defeating those priced higher. If you are interested about these models, check our article on Uniden R3 vs R1 here and see what they can actually offer to you. However, if you are not ready to spend more yet, their older and lower unit like DFR7 and DFR8 can be a nice option as well.

Talking from the age point, the DFR8 is actually released to upgrade the older model which is the DFR6 while the DFR7 is now being renewed with DFR9. Both of them are placed in the middle price level which is nice for any new user or those who want to try using a detector. What’s amazing here in our opinion is while they are indeed located in the middle price point, the features and capabilities are not lacking too far since looking at the newer DFR8, this one is even similar to the R line.

About Uniden DFR7 and DFR8
Looking at DFR7 and DFR8 from the sample picture above, we are sure you can already tell which is released earlier and which released after because just from the design, they are already very different with the older version also have the older look and very bulky in our opinion; it looks like the older Redline and STi Magnum from Beltronics. At the other hand, DFR8 is similar to those in R series because it has a much resemblance to the big brother.

This radar detector is very compact with a glossy and matte black plastic material covering its component and a small, better screen at the front part. Uniden detectors’ control layout is not changing very much from the previous models but it is not a drawback either. What we love in this new model is the power and audio connectors that has been moved to the side of the unit so somehow it seems more streamlined with the power adapter.

Uniden DFR7 and DFR8 Display
Let’s talk about the kind of information we can see on the radar detector first because this is important for convenience. As you can see, the DFR7 is using an older screen unlike the Multi-color OLED screen that we can get in Uniden DFR8. However, due to the technology difference they put inside, both of them will not show the same information and we are highlighting the speed information here. In the older model, we already have the GPS so it can show you the speed as well.

With this difference, the face button will also different and this is actually the easiest way to differentiate Uniden radar because if the device have a GPS capability, the right face button will say Mark while if it doesn’t have GPS, it will say City which is used to change the mode as opposed, the Mark button which is used to mark a location so your device can remember and notify you latter.

Uniden DFR7 and DFR8 Features
Moving to the features or capability side, the one thing that differentiate DFR7 and DFR8 is still the GPS technology because we can do more with this capability including GPS lockout, red light and speed cameras location as well as low speed muting. GPS lockout is done by pressing the Mute/Dim button twice to add a false alert location into your radar and this can be done in DFR7, DFR9 or R3 model or those with GPS function.

Low speed muting or quite ride mode is also nice to have to make sure your detector doesn’t go wild when you are driving slowly around the neighborhood especially if you are living in crowded area. The last is red light and speed camera alerts thanks to the database that gets updated from time to time. At the other hand, the DFR8 is featured with a new capability which is not even present in the R series yet which is the ambient light to automatically adjust the screen.

While they are quite different from each other, there is also things that remain the same and this is on their Ka band segmentation because we are seeing the same options here for only both Ka Wide and Ka Narrow and there is no individual band segmentation the way we can get on the higher end model R3 radar detector. In addition, the Ka priority also present which is useful when there are multiple signal present in your area.

Uniden DFR7 and DFR8 Performance
A good radar is not those that looks appealing on paper but those with dependable performance on the road. In this part, both radar detector is very dependable and among the best you can get in the market for the price. When it comes to radar, the quality we are looking for most of the time is the range because the longest range radar is wanted by driver to maximize the protection when going down the road.

In this side, both of DFR7 and DFR8 are very similar to each other and very dependable especially to detect the Ka band signal and in most cases can help you out there while it also depends on the location where you are driving. In comparison to R series, they are not going to be as amazing as the big brother but it is not making these two a bad detector for they are very reliable in real life.

Now, let’s compare Uniden DFR7 with DFR8. As you may already know, the difference between both of them are on the design and mainly GPS function which affect the additional protection and capabilities such as speed cameras and low speed driving mode. In general, the GPS function in DFR7 is nice to have for those who are facing with many speed cameras or living in an urban area.

Uniden DFR7 vs DFR8

- Ultra-Performance, Super Long Range Laser Radar Detection
- GPS Built-In with Red Light Camera Alert and Speed Camera Alert
- MAX Speed Warning System
- Ultra-Bright OLED Display: Radar Band Frequency Display, Current Speed, Battery Voltage, Altitude, and Clock
- Ultra-performance, Super Long Range Laser Radar Detection with Voice Notifications
- Ultra-bright Color OLED display
- Separate Signal Strength Meter
- Advanced K Band Filter and Radar Band Frequency Display

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different need and preference. However, for those who need a protection from speed cameras, we are going to recommend you to pick the DFR7 model or if you have more to spend, upgrade to the DFR9 or R3 with better detecting ability and the same reliable performance.


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