Uniden LRD750 Review : Laser Radar Detector with Voice Alert

We all know that the Uniden radar company happens to be the first company that pioneered the integration of GPS sensors into the radar detectors. The first round of these detectors was launched in 2001. However, there is the new brand that many people are already using, and the feedback seems to be positive. The Uniden LRD750 is the new brand or radar detectors that have been developed with a lot of dexterity by the same company. We are going to look at some of its specification and features that are making it appear to be a must-buy radar detector.

Uniden LRD750 Review

First, the radar detector has available in only one color; black. It has an aesthetic appearing, and the shape is also appealing. Secondly, the detector has a red light camera alert: this is a feature that is available in other models, but in this particular detector the alert is more precise and prompt. Just like the rest of the new models in the market today, this radar detector supports voice notifications. A unique feature in this radar is that it has spectra 1 and the specter RDD can not detect it. Additionally, the radar detector has an inbuilt GPS system that allows you to locate it at any given time. Finally, the radar detector has a false alert filtering system that is very excellent.

However, the radar detector has a problem when it comes to marking locations. Some reviews suggest that the radar detector has a tendency of misleading position markings. On the other hand, some people feel that the specter RDD performance is another fail. The feature is still under heavy scrutiny.

- Long Range Laser Radar Detection - X, K, and Ka band alarms - X, K, and Ka band on/off - POP and Laser alert alarms - Highway/City modes - Invisible to VG-2 and Spector I and IV radar detectors - Easy to Read Dot Matrix Display

To sum it all, we can perfectly give the Uniden LRD750 a 7/10 rating because it has tried to compete in the market excellently. So if you want to purchase this radar detector, save about $399.99, and you will purchase it from the online stores and also from the stores that are located in your town.


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