Uniden R1 vs DFR7

There is nothing wrong with wanting to get to your destination as fast as you can but we are required to limit our speed due to law so we have to drive more carefully. If you don’t want to get ticketed and pay the fine, using a radar detector like Uniden R1 vs DFR7 can be a great option. Both of them are high quality radar but also different and if you are also considering the two, go check our article below to see their capabilities and pick one.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why using a Radar Detector
– What are Uniden R1 and DFR7
– What Uniden R1 and DFR7 Look Like
– How are the Display of Uniden R1 and DFR7
– Does Uniden R1 and DFR7 Have GPS
– How are the Performance of Uniden R1 and DFR7
– Uniden R1 vs DFR7

Uniden R1 and DFR7 Benefit
Due to the law in our state, we can’t drive peacefully because there are speed trap and monitor here and there which made us anxious about getting ticketed because we exceed the required speed limit. While this is indeed annoying, we can’t do nothing about the regulation except adjusting our driving speed accordingly because spending money to pay the fine is going to hurt our wallet. If you are not fond of always having to remember your speed limit every time, we can try using a radar detector.

Investing on radar detector is a wise option if you are prone to exceed the limit when driving on the road and we only need one of them to handle all the type of similar threats depend on the model and capability of your chosen detector. To upgrade the older models that only capable of protecting you from a speed trap, today’s detectors are already featured with GPS technology or wireless connectivity to allow them accessing the database and providing you an additional speed cams protection.

As for the legality, except if you are living in the nation’s capital or in Virgina, we are pretty much allowed to use radar detector but some states like California makes things a little bit harder because they ban the use of suction cups to affix an object to the inside of a windshield because if you are placing something here like a GPS or monitor, there is a chance of it will distracts us from driving and reduce the safety.

Make sure to know the law in your state so we can avoid any unwanted things and if you are living with similar law like this, we can still use the detector but we have to be creative about the placement. Another thing we have to understand is using a radar detector will not make us arrive at our destination faster or able to speed all the way because essentially, a radar detector will only warn us when there is a threats around you so we can adjust the speed.

With this, the more we meet the speed trap on the way, the more we are going to adjust our speed or slowing down so it is not always the case when you are planning to arrive faster. However, by managing the speed, compared to keeping them below the speed limit all the time, we should be able to drive faster and arrive quickly as well.

About Uniden R1 and DFR7
When it comes to choosing the real unit, questions often asked are what the best radar detector in the market because as the user, we want to get the most capable items for our budget. However, great items are never cheap so we have to sacrifice more if you are aiming for the best models. If you are here to spend less, there are still many good items out there actually that can be very dependable on the road without requiring us to spend so much.

Among those with good quality and affordable price, Uniden is probably the one you are looking for. This brand may not as popular as Escort and other popular names out there, but in recent years they are taking the attention by the release of their most capable radar detector. For those who are curious what their top end can offer, check our Uniden R3 vs R1 here. But, if you are just want to get a dependable radar, their R1 and DFR7 are going to provide you with enough protection already.

The R series is actually the upgraded version of DFR and beside DFR7, there is DFR6 as well which is very similar in capabilities. Because these two are placed at the middle end, we may won’t get the amazing distance detecting like we get on the newest model.

Uniden R1 and DFR7 Design
From the outside, both of Uniden R1 and DFR7 are very different because as you can see from the picture, the DFR7 is somehow bulkier in general and not as slim as the R1 but the overall controls are staying the same or have the same placement. But we can notice there is a small difference on the front button because we have City in R1 and Mark in the other. This difference is indicating a capability inside as well which is GPS but we are going to talk about it later.

Uniden R1 and DFR7 Display
Now moving to the capability side. In general, the R model like R1 radar detector is meant to upgrade the older unit into a digital detector and if you wonder how they differ, the newest are claimed to offer longer range, faster reactivity and more advanced filtering than the previous DFR models. In general term of range, the R detectors from Uniden is dubbed as the longest radar detectors available at any price, beating even those with higher price tag as well.

The first difference between the two is on the screen display because while this side may not very important for some people, the R1 do comes with a better OLED display compared to DFR7 and it can promote a more comfortable usage as well. The older model screen is very traditional but you can still see the information clearly yet in R model, the screen is even better with some color option into it and we do like the way it display the frequency and picked up signal here.

Uniden R1 and DFR7 Feature
The second difference is on the additional protection which we have said earlier can be seen only from the outside because Uniden DFR7 is featured with GPS technology like what you get in the more expensive model R3 but unfortunately, as the cheaper option, R1 is not having this one. With the GPS alone, we can get protection from red light speed camera, low speed muting and GPS lockout so people who are living in urban areas can get more coverage from traps and have a more convenience radar.

These features are beneficial for the user because the GPS does offer several plus sides especially if you are worried about those problems and driving mostly in the city. The Mark button in DFR7 is use to make the detector remember where the trap is located so when you are arriving in the same place latter, it will notify you. You can press the button to mark the location and when you want to delete them, press and hold the button.

For GPS lockout, this is also very useful and it is use when you are seeing a stationary false alert that you pass regularly for example an automatic door opener in front of a grocery store or drugstore. If you meet these types of alert, press the Mute button so it can learn where the false alert so in the future the radar detector can mute itself when you arrive at the same place.

Uniden R1 and DFR7 Performance
Moving to the performance side, both of them are actually a very dependable radar detector but if you are comparing the two, R1 will be leading the protection level because together with R3, they are the most long range detector you can get in the market. As for DFR7, this model have the identical level of long range as the DFR6 and perform best when you are with Ka band which is the most popular frequency here in the US.

In this band, the detector is can be easily compared with a long range radar detectors like Redline which is impressive of course, remembering it is more affordable. What this model lacking is when you are dealing with frequency like 33.8 and 35.5, because the DFR7 is a bit lacking. It is nothing like a bad, unreliable detector but it does lack and if you are living where this frequency can be seen more often, it is probably good to move with higher model.

Now, let’s compare Uniden R1 and DFR7. As you may already know, the difference between them is on the GPS technology and long range detection because R1 is winning in the detection range by being one of the longest radar detector but it has no GPS function so we can’t get notification from red cams, lockout a location, and mark a location manually, so among the two DFR7 may suit those living in urban area better.

Uniden R1 vs DFR7

- 360 Degree Digital Signal Processor
- Extreme Radar Sensitivity
- Color OLED Display
- K False Filter / KA False Filter
- Ultra-Performance, Super Long Range Laser Radar Detection
GPS Built-In with Red Light Camera Alert and Speed Camera Alert
- MAX Speed Warning System
- Ultra-Bright OLED Display: Radar Band Frequency Display, Current Speed, Battery Voltage, Altitude, and Clock

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different need and preference but if you are looking for an affordable radar detector, we are going to recommend you picking the DFR7 or upgrade to R3 if you are willing to spend more because we need the GPS technology to get more protection.


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