Whistler CR75 Review: Affordable, Complete with VG-2 Detection

Nobody wants to get ticketed for speeding. Well, the rule is a rule, and it should be obeyed. Of course, the law is needed to make sure that there will not be a reckless guy accelerating his car out of his control. But it becomes a hindrance and an annoyance when you are in a hurry. Maybe you need to catch a flight, or you need to get to the hospital as soon as possible. But the law is blind, and there is no single excuse that can justify your high-speed driving in front of the law. So, is there a way to distinguish a ‘necessary’ speeding from those reckless, irresponsible, out of control speeders? Whistler CR75 can be the answer!

It may not be the one hundred percent accurate answer, but a radar detector can be the answer from a slightly different perspective. A radar detector is a device that can detect if your vehicle is being monitored by a radar or laser gun and about to get ticketed. By getting notified about that, you can immediately lower your speed in order to avoid getting ticketed. This way, you are different from those irresponsible speeders. You can have a better chance to catch the flight, arrive at the hospital in time, and not to get ticketed. And, a radar detector does not have to be expensive. Whistler CR75 can be your choice if you need an affordable and budget-friendly solution.

Stylish Design, Excellent Features
So, what can Whistler CR75 exactly do for you? It is packed with the technologies to detect all radar bands from X, K, Ka, to Super Wideband Ka, as well as all types of laser, including the newer and more advanced ones such as Laser Ally, Laser Atlanta Stealth Mode, and the new LTI Truspeed S. It also supports detection for POP and Pulse modes. You see, it has the complete list for protection. In other words, you can get alerted whenever a police officer is trying to track your speed regardless of the gun he is using. Keep in mind that such device does not block or jam the detection – radar jammers are, in fact, illegal. And trying to jam the radar detection is something that an outlaw would do. Truth to be told, Whistler CR75 has decent detection range, thanks to the high gain levels. It can detect radar signals coming from pretty far distances. In general, the detection range gives just enough time for you to decelerate and slow down.

Whistler CR75 has been equipped with a blue backlit OLED display screen that provides easy-to-read information. It can detect more than one signal at once, but it only shows the most important signal, usually the one within the closest range. It speaks out loud to notify you about the detection, which is effective and efficient. The design looks cool; it is compact and portable, and the blue lights create a futuristic look. Volume control and function buttons are within easy reach. There is a unique additional feature that can be handy for long trips: when activated, the Stay Alert functionality will speak to you every once in a while to make sure that you stay alert and aware while driving.

Well, Whistler CR75 certainly has some limitations that you need to know. First of all, while most US states do consider radar detectors legal to use, many Canadian states and some US states (most notably Virginia and Washington D.C.) ban them. So, you cannot use this device in these places. Even though Whistler CR75 has been equipped with the VG-2 RDD technology, it does not support the Spectre RDD technology. It also does not have the low-emission technology for stealth usage. If you drive in a place that bans radar detectors, using Whistler CR75 will only bring you into a deeper trouble.

Also, Whistler CR75 may not be as effective to be used in European countries. This is because it does not support the Ku radar band detection. The Ku radar band has been used across Europe, though not yet in the United States.

- The Pro 200 provides eight times the sensitivity of any imported radar detector - Preset at the factory, the Pro 200 is optimized for the best protection - AutoScan and TSR (traffic sensor rejection)- The Pro 200l is easy to read from any angle

All in all, Whistler CR75 is a good bang for the bucks. It has decent detection range, and it detects all radar and laser types used in the United States. But it can only be used in states that do allow the usage of radar detectors.

Specifications of Whistler CR75
Brand: Whistler
Model: CR75
Color: Black
Type: LED Icon Indicator
Display Screen Technology: Blue OLED Text
Dimensions (L x W x H): 2.25 inches x 7.81 inches x 6.06 Inches
Volts: 12 V (DC)
– Digital compass display to show directions and headings in degrees with 5-degree increments
– Integrated Real Voice technology that articulates band identification out loud
– Detects all laser technologies, including Laser Ally, Laser Atlanta Stealth Mode, and the new LTI Truspeed S
– Helps to eliminate false alerts coming from radar-based traffic flow sensors
– Icon display to provide distinct visual symbols to help you easily understand the detected engagement modes and the signal strength
– POP Mode detection capability that responds to brief bursts of radar
– Stay Alert helps the driver to keep their alertness on long trips
– Total band detection
– Alert periscopes
– Display brightness control
– 360-degree laser coverage detects from front, side and rear
– Safety warning system that informs the driver about incoming highways where transmitters are located
– Notifies the most important signal when there are more than one detected
– High gain levels for a longer range of detection and an increased field of view
– The battery saver feature automatically shuts off the unit when not in use

Pros of Whistler CR75
– Relatively low and budget-friendly price
– Excellent 360-degree laser detection coverage
– Detects various radar bands, all laser types, also Pulse and POP modes
– Built-in digital compass to show directions
– Stylish design with a blue OLED screen that is easy to read

Cons of Whistler CR75
– It does not have low emission and Spectre RDD. It cannot be used for stealth and in places where radar detectors are considered illegal.
– No Ku radar band detection, so it is not as reliable to be used in European countries

Price of Whistler CR75
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