Whistler CR80 Review: Extended Detection Range, Stealth Mode When Needed

After years, radar and laser detectors have developed quite a lot. The first models were bulky, heavy, and with very limited detection range. The modern models available nowadays are much more compact, equipped with various advanced and convenient features, and with extended detection range. Today, a radar and laser detector device has become a necessity for most drivers. It is needed to remind us to slow down if we unconsciously speed up on an empty road. Though it may appear like ‘cheating’ the law, it is allowed in most states. So, it is legal for use and is actually very beneficial for preventing you from getting ticketed.

Now, if you are looking for a good and reliable radar detector with a budget of under a hundred bucks, you are in good luck. There is one popular model that has received lots of positive reviews from the users, available under a hundred bucks. Meet Whistler CR80. It is a compact radar detector featuring a color-coded display screen for easy and intuitive information reading. Quite surprisingly, it also has low signal emission, making it classifiable as a stealth unit. It is difficult to detect by radar detection detectors (RDDs), making it a relatively safe option for driving in different states. It also offers total laser detection, and it is equipped with the TFSR technology to eliminate false alerts caused by radar-based traffic flow sensors. For the money, Whistler CR80 makes a very good value.

Whistler CR80 is packed with various nice features. Let’s start with the 360-degree full protection coverage. With such capability, you can be confident that you are covered from all angles, and no radar or laser signal will ever sneak up on you. Of course, it is able to detect multiple signals at once, and it prioritizes the most important signal as the one to display and alert. This way, you can set your priorities right and lower your vehicle’s speed accordingly. If you are tired of radar detectors sending false alerts because of those radar-based traffic flow sensors, Whistler CR80 makes an excellent solution for you. This affordable radar detector is already equipped with the TFSR (Traffic Flow Signal Rejection) technology to eliminate false alerts caused by such sensors. Just choose one of the highway or city modes, and Whistler CR80 will stop false alerts coming from those innocent sensors.

There is also the Stay Alert feature. This additional feature is particularly useful for drivers who often travel lots of miles continuously. It effectively prevents you from dozing off and keeps you awake while you are driving on a long trip. It continuously checks your awareness from time to time. It is a very nice safety feature.

The other great feature of Whistler CR80 is the low signal emission. Whistler CR80 does not emit much signal, making it virtually undetectable by radar detection detectors (RDDs). In other words, it will enable you to stay alert about incoming radar or laser signals while staying undetected. This is a very nice feature for a driver who often goes to different states; each state may have each own rules regarding radar detector usage.

Whistler CR80 is equipped with visual and audio alerts. The Real Voice Alerts is particularly useful, as the feature allows you to understand the alert without having to avert your sight from the road in front of you. Whistler CR80 is able to detect the X band, K band, SuperWideBand Ka, and laser signals, which are the only bands used for speed measurement in America. Whistler CR80 does not support the detection of the Ku band, but the said technology is now only used in Europe and not in America. So, that is not a deal-breaker.

If we compare Whistler CR80 to the other models on the market, it effortlessly stands out from the competition. One nice advantage that Whistler CR80 offers is the accurate readings. It gives accurate measurements of the distances to the signals, and it is always reliable in any weather. It will work just fine on a rainy day, as good as in a bright, sunny day. It also detects POP radar guns.

Whistler CR80 is very user-friendly. The buttons and controls are laid out in a very familiar and intuitive layout. They are all very easy to reach, and the operation is simple and straightforward. The display screen is backlit, allowing you to read the displayed information easily in all lighting conditions. It has a nice icon display, and the display is color coded. This way, you can understand what the device is telling you much more quickly than ever. There is a programmable battery saver to lower the power consumption and save energy.

- 360-Degrees of Coverage - Detects from Front, Sides and Rear - Provides Advanced Warning with Extra Detection Range - Low Signal Emission Makes it Difficult to Detect by VG-2

All in all, for an affordable and budget-friendly radar detector model, Whistler CR80 is a very good value. It has great, reliable performance as well as nice and useful features. However, if you are already familiar with the company’s high-end products, you should take a note that Whistler CR80 lacks those advanced features that you would expect from a high-end Whistler model. Whistler CR80 does not have the GPS, over-speed alert, and community sharing, so Whistler CR80 is quite a simple device.

Specifications of Whistler CR80
• High Performance
• Total Laser Detection
• TFSR / Traffic Flow Signal Rejection
• Icon Display Featuring Signal Strength Indicator
• Real Voice Alerts
• Intellicord Ready
• Unit Dimensions : 1.31 inches H x 3.12 inches W x 4.93 inches L
• Unit Weight : 0.39 lbs
• Laser / Radar Detector
• 12 V Power Cord
• Direct Wire Kit
• Dash Pad
• Windshield Bracket Kit
• User’s Guide

Pros of Whistler CR80
– Full protection coverage on the front, sides, and rear of the vehicle
– Detects all radar and laser bands, including the feared POP Mode
– Compact and stylish design that is easy to place
– Color-coded display for easy reading
– Low signal emission, making it hard to detect by RDDs

Price of Whistler CR80
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