Whistler CR85 Vs CR90

Whistler CR85 and Whistler CR90 are two radar and laser gun detector models that look extremely similar to each other. These are the top models of Whistler detectors. Even so, Whistler CR90 is a little bit more expensive than Whistler CR85. So, what does the price increment bring into the deal? Which is the model that you should choose? Before you make a hasty decision, make sure that you read the comparisons between Whistler CR85 and Whistler CR90 below!


Similar Sensor Performance
The basic specifications of Whistler CR85 and Whistler CR90 are indeed identical. Both models are able to detect X, K, Ka, and Super Wide Ka radar bands as well as laser waves. They both provide total 360-degree protection, so you can always avoid getting ticketed no matter where the radar/laser gun is stationed. Both have the Safety Warning System (SWS) Alert feature to safely inform you of any potential radar or laser gun nearby. Thanks to the advanced sensor system, both Whistler CR85 and Whistler CR90 boast extended detection range, allowing you to get notified from further away than most other detectors so that you can have more time to take the appropriate action. Also, both models have built-in signal filters with three City modes and a Highway mode to reduce the number of false alarms.

Both Whistler CR85 and Whistler CR90 also have very low signal emission levels. As the effect, both of them are virtually immune to detection detectors, including the newest VG-2 and SPECTRE technologies. They are very compact, and each features a blue display screen that is very elegant, convenient, and easy to read.

Built-in GPS Functionality
Whistler CR85, however, does not come with GPS functionality. So, the model solely relies on the sensor. On the other hand, Whistler CR90 feature a built-in GPS database that can be updated via USB. The feature is able to store the locations of speed cameras and red light traffic cameras throughout the United States and Canada. The device will then remind you whenever you approach these locations. It is very handy and convenient, as it enhances the functionality of the radar/laser sensor and helps to reduce the risk of getting caught as you drive through the city.

- Features Radar and Laser Signature ID
- Provides Advanced Warning with Extra Detection Range
- Low Signal Emission Makes it Difficult to Detect by VG-2
- 3 City Modes/Highway Mode
- 6 Filter Modes
- Alert Priority

Whistler CR85 Vs CR90
Having built-in GPS database in the detector is a huge plus point, as it can remind you of potentially risky locations. Therefore, Whistler CR90 makes the best way to go!


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