Whistler CR90 Vs Escort 8500

A radar detector can be a very handy and convenient solution if you often find yourself getting a speeding ticket quite too often. Well, a police or law enforcement officer has good reasons to stop you from going way too fast – they may have saved you from a ridiculous high-speed accident – but, if you are in a hurry, getting stopped to receive a speeding ticket does not help much. With a radar detector, you can take some precaution. You will be able to reduce your speed before being ticketed. As for the moment, Whistler CR90 and Escort 8500 are among the top models available on the market, available in a similar price range. Which one should you choose?


Whistler CR90
Whistler CR90 is the top-of-the-line model featuring a number of advanced features. In fact, it is the first model in the series and among the first models to feature GPS-enabled radar detection. In addition to the standard method of detecting radar using built-in sensors, it also has built-in GPS, through which you can point specific locations where police officers often use radar guns. The device will then alert and remind you whenever you approach these locations. You can also determine specific false-alarm locations; so, in these places, you will not need to get bothered by false alarms triggered by supermarket doors and the likes. Whistler CR90 comes in a sleek and minimalistic design with a black housing. Instead of cluttering the surface with small indicators and buttons, Whistler CR90 features just a handful of functions and provides a plenty of room for the display screen. There are speed cameras and red-light cameras preprogrammed into the device, plus a USB port for updating the memory. (Find also: Whistler CR90 Vs Beltronics RX65)

Escort 8500
On the other hand, Escort 8500 is a radar detector featuring 360-degree radar and laser detection with Advanced Digital Signal Processing and Exclusive AutoSensitivity Mode. The technologies used allow the device to intelligently identify real threats apart from other radar and laser sources, effectively reducing the frequency of false alarms. Escort 8500 comes packed with a 280 LED Matrix/Text display screen with Bar Graph, SpecDisplay, ExpertMeter, also three-level dimming and dark mode. It is available in two variants; one is with red display screen while the other is with a blue display screen. However, Escort 8500 doesn’t have built-in GPS.

- 3 City Modes/Highway Mode
- 6 Filter Modes
- Alert Priority
- External Audio Jack
- Blistering All-Band Protection
- Instant Customization
- Laser Detection : Quantum Limited Video Receiver,Multiple Laser Sensor Diodes
- Enhanced Radar Protection:Our enhanced "V-Tuned" radar receiver

Whistler CR90 Vs Escort 8500
Even though both models can detect radar guns very well, Escort 8500 does not come with built-in GPS. Hence, it can still sometimes deliver false alarms. Whistler CR90, with built-in GPS, allows for a wider functionality. You can set specific locations as possible radar guns and false alarms. This capability is very handy especially if you go through the same routes regularly. Therefore, Whistler CR90 should be the way to go!


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