Whistler CR90 Vs Escort 9500IX

If you are considering to get either Whistler CR90 or Escort 9500IX, it means that you are looking for a radar and laser gun detector with built-in GPS. It is interesting to point out that Whistler CR90 is available at a more affordable price point than Escort 9500IX. Both models are very compact and portable. So, does Whistler CR90 make the fullest bang out of the bucks? Or, should you go all the way with Escort 9500IX?


Whistler CR90 and Escort 9500IX are both quite compact. They can be easily installed in any car. Escort 9500IX comes with a slightly wider display screen than Whistler CR90, which adds some convenience in usage. Whistler CR90 is only available in blue, whereas Escort 9500IX is available in two color variants, one is blue display screen while the other is red display screen. They each has an external audio jack should you want to use speakers or earphones.

More In-depth Features
In terms of detection performance, both Whistler CR90 and Escort 9500IX have exceptional levels. They are able to detect radar and laser signals from a much longer distance than most other models on the market. This way, you can have more time to react safely and properly before getting ticketed. They also provide full 360-degree protection.

Indeed, both models have built-in GPS. However, Escort 9500IX comes with more in-depth functions and features. Whistler CR90 only has a built-in GPS database that functions to store and alert you about speed and red light traffic cameras throughout the United States and Canada, updatable via USB. On the other hand, Escort 9500IX offers similar functionality, but also allows you to specify certain locations manually and feature the AutoLearn artificial intelligence. Escort 9500IX is able to remember places with radar/laser guns, speed traps, cameras, and false alarms, effectively enhancing its reliability and reducing the number of false alerts that may bother you as you drive.

In addition, Escort 9500IX is also compatible with the Escort Live! mobile app. Through the app, you and other users will be able to share real-time information of radar/laser gun locations. (See also: Whistler CR90 Vs Escort 8500)

- 3 City Modes/Highway Mode
- 6 Filter Modes
- Alert Priority
- External Audio Jack
- Crystal-clear voice alerts and high resolution display
- Variable speed radar performance
- AutoLearn intelligence and user-selectable preferences
- Safety warning system and brightness controls

Whistler CR90 Vs Escort 9500IX
Finally, Escort 9500IX is indeed a more superior product compared to Whistler CR90. The artificial intelligence and mobile app really enhance its functionality and reliability. Therefore, Escort 9500IX should be your choice!


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