Whistler Pro-78SE Review: Cheap, Old, But Effective and Functional

You know, you don’t have to empty your wallet and break down your bank account in order to get a reliable device. The same is true when choosing for the right radar detector. Of course, a radar detector is now a necessity for most drivers; it is not cheating the law if it is allowed for usage. It is more of a reminder if you unconsciously speed up your car over the allowed limit. With a reliable radar detector, you can prevent yourself from getting ticketed – a trouble that often causes a considerable amount of fine. Whistler Pro-78SE is not a new product at all. It is an old model, and that’s the major reason behind the affordability. However, it comes with great features and performance. It is undetectable by the modern Spectre 1 and VG-2 RDDs!

Since it is undetectable by Spectre 1 and VG-2 RDDs, it is a relatively safe option for driving in a more restricted area. If you are looking for an affordable and effective stealth radar detector, Whistler Pro-78SE makes an excellent option. There is no need to worry about getting ticketed because of using a radar detector device, as long as you are not driving in the area where such device is not allowed. Even if you happen to drive in such restricted area, chances are you are not going to be detected, giving you more than enough time to turn off the device and detach it from your vehicle. You don’t want to get caught using a radar detector in such restricted area because there is a huge chance that the device is going to be destroyed.

The design of Whistler Pro-78SE is simple and straightforward. It allows for quick and intuitive operation. The display screen is backlit, allowing for easy reading regardless of environmental conditions. The blue display is nice; it is gentle to the eyes, unlike a red display that often ‘burns’ our eyes when used in the night. The buttons and controls are easily reachable. Whistler Pro-78SE has the capability to detect multiple signals at once, and it will display the most important (usually the closest) threat that you need to respond.

Whistler Pro-78SE is a very compact and lightweight device. The package includes the hardware needed for mounting on the windshield or on the dashboard, along with the straight power cord. The installation process is very simple and can be quickly done.

Whistler Pro-78SE boasts total band protection; it is able to detect all radar and laser signals used by the law enforcement officers. It even has the Ka Maxx Mode, which will enhance the device’s sensitivity to the Ka radar band. That is a very useful feature for usage in an area where the Ka radar band is intensively used.

The automatically adapting display screen is also a very nice feature. You will never have to fumble with the buttons just to adjust the brightness level of the display – it has an auto dim/dark mode that adjusts the display’s brightness according to the time of the day. There are also quiet and auto-quiet modes. In these modes, the device will only provide silent and visual alarms. Very useful when you don’t want to be noisy.

Actually, the performance of Whistler Pro-78SE is very good. It is able to detect threats from considerable distances, allowing you to prepare and take action accordingly. It gives more than enough time for you to lower your speed to the allowed limit. However, being an older product, Whistler Pro-78SE lacks the advanced technology used on modern radar detectors to distinguish false alerts. As the result, Whistler Pro-78SE can be annoying sometimes due to delivering false alerts from time to time. Luckily, there are three city and three filter modes that can slightly lower the frequency of false alerts.

- Enhanced High Performance! - Detects Laser Atlanta Stealth Mode - Three (3) Filter Modes Provides extra filtering - Vehicle Battery Saver - selectable

Whistler Pro-78SE has been equipped with the battery saver feature, Stay Alert, and Safety Warning System (SWS). If not used for at least three hours, the device automatically shuts off to save power. Before it goes down, it gives visual and audio alerts so that you can prevent it from shutting down if you still need to use the device. The Stay Alert feature is very beneficial for drivers who often travel long distances. It ensures that you are awake and focused on the road from time to time. The SWS feature is useful to keep you informed about road hazards and events so that you can avoid potential traffic jams. Whistler Pro-78SE is INTELLICORD ready for remote control.

Specifications of Whistler Pro-78SE
Product Features:
• Undetectable by Spectre 1 and VG-2 RDDs
• Total band protection
• Ka Maxx Mode for enhanced Ka band sensitivity
• Exclusive Signature ID
• Blue text LED display
• Enhanced technology to minimize false alarms
• Auto dim/dark mode
• Quiet/auto quiet modes allow you to receive silent alerts
• Real voice alerts for verbal band identification
• 6 convenient modes with 3 city and 3 filter
• POP Mode detection
• Low-profile alert periscopes for additional attention-getting visual alerts
• 360-degree coverage for protection from front, side, and rear
• High gain lens for increased field of view
• Selectable bands enable specific bands to be turned on/off
• Alert priority displays the most important signal
• Selectable battery saver to automatically shut off your detector
• Safety Warning System keeps you informed of highway events
• Saves personal settings when the unit is turned off
• Stay Alert feature to keep your alertness on long trips
Product Specifications:
• Operating frequencies:
o X band (10.5 – 10.55 GHz)
o K band (24.05 – 24.25 GHz)
o Ka band (33.4 – 36 GHz)
• Power Requirements: 12 – 15 Volts DC, 250mA nominal vehicle battery saver, 30mA nominal
• Operating temperature range: -10 °C up to +70 °C (-41 °F up to +158 °F)
Package Includes:
• Radar Detector
• Hardware kit
• Straight power cord
• Non-skid dash pad
• Windshield bracket kit
• Owner’s manual

Pros of Whistler Pro-78SE
– It is a stealth unit; Spectre 1 and VG-2 RDDs are unable to detect the unit
– Excellent detection performance
– Simple, straightforward operation
– Inexpensive and budget-friendly price
– Audio and visual alerts

Price of Whistler Pro-78SE
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