Whistler XTR-335 Review: Very Affordable yet Functional and Effective

Apparently, you need an inexpensive, budget-friendly radar detector to be equipped in your car. If that is the case, you definitely should put Whistler XTR-335 into your consideration. Even though it is a relatively old model, it is still functional and effective to save you from getting ticketed. Meanwhile, on the other side of the coin, an older product is usually more affordable. Available for fewer than fifty bucks, Whistler XTR-335 is very unlikely to break anyone’s bank account. But it has the complete list of radar and laser detection, and it has a nice, intuitive color-coded display screen.

Despite being inexpensive, Whistler XTR-335 is already packed with the ability to detect all radar bands and laser technologies used by police officers across the United States. It can detect the X, K, and Ka radar bands. It also detects POP radar guns as well as various laser signals and the VG-2 Radar Detector. The full 360-degree laser protection means that the device can detect all laser signals coming toward your vehicle from any direction. Whistler XTR-335 has been equipped with the Real Voice technology; when a threat is detected, if the Real Voice is turned on, it will speak the information out loud, allowing you to know the type of the signal and the intensity level without having to avert your sight from the road. The device also has the Twin Alert Periscopes that provide visual alerts, in case that you didn’t really hear the audio alert or if the Real Voice wasn’t turned on. Well, we recommend you to turn on the Real Voice all the time, unless you have specific reasons not to, because the feature is very useful and effective.

The detection performance is decent. Whistler XTR-335 can detect radar and laser signals from sufficient distances to buy you enough time to react. Unfortunately, Whistler XTR-335 does not tell you exactly the direction of the incoming signal. So, sometimes it can be difficult to tell if that is a real alert or a false one. On the good side, the intensity level can help you determine the relative distance between you and the source of the signal. There are three City/Highway modes that you can select when driving through populated areas to reduce the number of false alerts.

Whistler XTR-335 is a compact and portable device. It has a quick-release system that enables you to attach and detach the device effortlessly. You can mount it on the windshield to save space. The design is pretty generic, with the volume control on the left side and the other buttons on the top side of the device. However, Whistler XTR-335 comes with a backlit multi-color display screen that is very easy to read. Thanks to the color-coded display, you can quickly understand what the device informs. When dealing with multiple detected signals, Whistler XTR-335 will prioritize the most important one, which is usually the closest in proximity.

However, even though most US states allow the usage of radar detectors, keep in mind that Whistler XTR-335, or any other radar detector, cannot be used in Washington D.C. and Virginia. It also does not have low emission for stealth usage. Even though it already has the VG-2 RDD technology to detect if you are being tracked for radar detector usage, it does not support the Spectre RDD technology, which is a newer radar detector detection technology that has been used quite widely. So, do not use Whistler XTR-335 in places that ban radar detectors. It is also not as reliable for usage in Europe, considering that it does not support the Ku radar band that is used in the continent.

- Real Voice Alerts - selectable - Patented POP Mode Detection - Numeric Icon Display - Exclusive Low Profile Periscopes - Dim/Dark Mode

All in all, Whistler XTR-335 is a very good value for the money if you need a simple, inexpensive, yet reliable solution to avoid getting ticketed. It detects all radar bands, laser types, and also the POP radar gun. The detection performance is decent and reliable. The audio and visual alerts are very useful and convenient to keep you aware.

Specifications of Whistler XTR-335
• Radar & Laser Detector with Patented POP Mode Detection
• Detect all radar bands, laser, SWS, and VG-2
• 360° Protection for laser signals for complete protection
• Real Voice Alerts to articulate signal identification, SWS messages, as well as feature selection
• VG-2 Alert to alert the user if under the tracking of a VG-2 radar detector
• 3 City/Highway Modes to select the operation mode to reduce the number of false alerts in populated areas
• Auto Quiet Mode enables an alternate alert pattern, which consist of four beeps followed by clicking (indicating Ka, K, X, or Safety Radar)
• Quiet Mode stops the audio during an alert and cancels any new alert for 20 seconds
• Dim Mode to dim the device’s display screen for night driving
• Quickly remove from the windshield mount using the instant release button
• Stay Alert to warn the driver about road hazards or emergency vehicles
• Setting Saver saves your personal settings conveniently
• Shuts off power automatically after six hours when the ignition is off
• Twin Alert Periscopes for an additional visual alert
• Numeric icon display
• Safety Warning System
• Alert Priority
Product Specifications:
Dimensions: 4-7/16″ D x 2-7/8″ W x 1-3/8″ H
Weight: 5.5 oz
Operating frequencies:
Laser (905 ± 10 nm)
Ka band (33.40 GHz – 36.00 GHz)
K band (24.05 GHz – 24.25 GHz)
X band (10.50 GHz – 10.55 GHz)
Operating Temperature: -10°C to 70°C (14°F to 158°F)
Power: Operational 12 – 15 volts (DC), 250 mA nominal

Pros of Whistler XTR-335
– Inexpensive and very budget-friendly
– Complete protection against all radar bands and laser types
– Effective alert system with audio and visual notifications
– Numeric color-coded display for easy and quick reading
– Compact and lightweight design

Cons of Whistler XTR-335
– It does not show the direction of the detected signal, though the intensity level alone is enough to determine the relative distance
– Does not have low emission and Spectre RDD technology

Price of Whistler XTR-335
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